Nowadays, anyone with available funds, time and internet access can install a browser based trading platform and start trading. A Web trading platform in Malaysia can be installed on a user's computer or opened via a browser. It is not unusual for all securities traded on the world's major stock exchanges to move from paper to electronic form, so it is only natural that trading in these securities has also moved from the stock exchange floor to a trading platform.

A Web based trading platform gives the trader access to trading on financial markets (stock exchange, Forex, etc.).

What is a web based trading platform in Malaysia? 

Basically, a web based trading platform in Malaysia acts as your broker. It allows you to place Buy and Sell orders and set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Depending on how the trading platform works, through installation on the user's computer or directly on the broker's server, there are two main types of trading platforms: installed as a program on the device (computer, tablet, smartphone) of the trader and Web platform.

Market analysis on the platform
Market analysis on the platform

The trading platform, installed on the trader's computer is a computer program designed specifically for the needs of brokers providing access to financial markets. To install it, you just need to download from the website of that broker which you intend to work with in the future. The installation process is usually very simple and does not require any special knowledge in the IT-area (just run the setup file, and then follow the detailed instructions appear).

Web trading platform in Malaysia is absolutely the same program as in the previous case, except that it is installed on a publicly accessible server on the Internet. In other words, you do not need to install it on your computer. In order to use the Web trading platform, all you need to do is to go to the appropriate address (URL where it is located on the network).

The advantage of the Web trading platform in Malaysia is the simplicity in terms of the fact that one does not need to download and install it, but can log in from any device connected to the global network anywhere in the world. 

However, unlike the installed version, the Web trading platform may not give the speed necessary for intraday traders (especially - scalpers). This is mainly due to the fact that the server where it is installed works simultaneously with a huge number of clients and besides the purely technical execution of their orders it also has such a burden as rendering charts and making the interface work.

News on Web Trading Platform
News on Web Trading Platform

Web trading platform allows traders to be always aware of the current state of affairs on the market. You can create an investment portfolio by following the price dynamics of the shares he is interested in. He can track the dynamics of his trading account and see how his investments are generating profits. There is also an option to watch the news, which are published quite often and can affect the course of trading.

The web trading platform has the necessary minimum of functions such as:

  • Viewing price charts;
  • Opening and closing of positions;
  • Editing open positions (setting and transferring of stop-loss and take-profit orders, editing of pending orders).

Malaysia browser based trading platform is equipped with tools for fundamental and technical analysis of charts of financial instruments. 

The browser based trading platform contains huge variety of tools for technical analysis of the market (support and resistance lines, trend lines, Fibonacci levels etc.) allowing to carry out this analysis directly on displayed charts. It is also possible to attach any indicators to the charts, most of which are already in the built-in library.

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are fundamentally different approaches to the analysis of financial instruments. Fundamental analysis implies taking into consideration the company's own production and financial indicators. The objective of fundamentalists is to choose undervalued securities, i.e. shares, the fair value of which is higher than the stock exchange price. It is especially important for medium-term trading and investing with a planning horizon of 10+ years. Fans of fundamental analysis prefer to evaluate a company's real position.

Select indicators on the platform
Select indicators on the platform

In technical analysis, traders assume that the price already takes all fundamental factors into account. You can limit yourself to analyzing the chart and do not go deep into the analysis of the company's results. Working with the company's detail indicators allows you to assess the investment potential over the distance. 

On the Web trading platform, technical analysis includes several areas:

  1. Indicator work (special algorithms that show how far the price has deviated from the normal statistical level); 

  2. Graphical analysis (levels, trend lines, wave analysis, volumes and other graphic analysis tools); 

  3. Chart and candlestick patterns. They work on their own or in combination with indicator/graphic analysis; 

  4. Exotic patterns - Gann trading methods, Fibonacci tools, Andrews' Pitchforks, and others.

The browser based trading platform in Malaysia is the main tool for a trader to access the international financial markets. It is used to buy and sell any assets - stocks, futures, options, currencies, etc.

Web-based for stock trading

Trading stocks is the most popular among traders. A big amount of accessible information, relative simplicity of share trading (you gain profit when a share rises in price, you lose when it falls) and high potential profitability makes shares the first instrument, which attracts attention of beginning traders. A stock is a security, which confirms the owner's right to a share in a company. The profitability of a stock comes from the change in value and the shareholder getting a share of the company's profits in the form of a dividend.

Browser based platform for forex trading

Forex is the international currency market. It represents a certain virtual space in which the real-time value of the financial instruments, i.e. the currencies of different countries, is generated. When trading on the Forex market it is necessary to analyse every currency pair as they all behave differently. One price chart may be smooth and the other one is fairly abrupt and has a large amplitude of deviations. Forex is a marketplace, which does not have a specific trading venue. Trading can be done via the internet or over the phone. Forex trading does not depend on where the trades are executed, but is affected by trading sessions taking place at different times in different parts of the globe. Consequently, you are able to trade virtually around the clock - sessions move from one to the other. 

Web platform for options trading

An option is a time-limited contract entitling you to buy or sell any asset. From this definition two key features follow: they give you the right to buy or sell an asset, not the obligation; and they are time-limited, they have an expiration date - this is the time for which the trade is put off. There are two types of options: Put and Call. A Put option gives its buyer the right to sell the underlying asset at the price specified in the contract. A Call option gives its buyer the right to buy the underlying asset at the agreed price after a specified time. 

Web-based platform for commodities trading

Commodity trading has its own peculiarities. Strong trend movements and high volatility are typical for these instruments. The analysis of the market of raw materials by the indicator of Ishimoku and simple moving averages will give a better view of the entry point than graphical tools of technical analysis. A big advantage of investing in commodities is the fact that it is a completely different market, which is not related to currencies and stocks, so investors can use commodity trading to diversify their portfolio.

Commodities trading platform
Commodities trading platform

Browser-based platform for ETF trading

ETFs are investment trusts whose shares are traded on an exchange. An index ETF follows the structure of a chosen underlying index. One can perform the same operations with ETF shares as with ordinary shares in stock trading. This is one of the advantages of ETFs - transactions in ETF shares can be carried out throughout the trading day and their price changes depending on market behaviour. 

Types of ETFs
Types of ETFs

ETFs can be traded in a variety of ways. They can be traded speculatively, intraday, they can be mid-term or held as a long-term investment position, or they can be used for hedging purposes. It all depends on your trading strategy - for long-term investing it is better to focus on fundamental analysis, while for short-term speculation technical analysis is more appropriate. ETFs with good liquidity and narrow spreads make an excellent tool for trading.

Web platform for cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency is a digital (virtual) currency, the unit of which is a coin that is issued online and is not linked to a conventional currency or any government currency system; in simple terms, it is electronic money. Cryptocurrency trading is the same as online trading, but in this case, instead of the usual assets (currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.), the trader trades digital currencies (Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Quarkcoin, etc.). Cryptocurrency can earn a fabulous income in a short period of time. Traders buy the digital currency at the best possible rate and sell it, waiting for the value to rise. You don't have to perform complex manipulations to trade digital currency, your main tools are: charts; orders; transaction history; trading volume.

Cryptocurrency trading platform
Cryptocurrency trading platform

Trading in the stock market through a Web trading platform in Malaysia is extremely convenient as it allows the trader to minimize the transaction time and customize the charting architecture to suit the task at hand. Trading on a Web based trading platform itself forces one to delve into the dynamics of stock and currency quotes (and other instruments) as well as reading the news, thereby already increasing one's financial literacy, which is also an added plus. Try it, and you will succeed!

How to start using a  trading platform in Malaysia? 

The most popular and affordable way for every trader to start investing is to open a trading account with a web based trading platform in Malaysia. Fill in your account user profile before uploading verification documents such as name, email address. Once you have registered and verified your details, you can proceed to make a deposit using one of the payment methods provided. You can do it by transferring money via bank card, bank transfer or e-wallet. The whole procedure will take a few days at the most.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

On a browser based trading platform in Malaysia, you will be able to use a leveraged trading account. Leverage is the ratio of your own funds to borrowed funds, accordingly the amount of transactions exceeds the amount of money you currently have in your balance. The amount of leverage shows how many times the amount you can spend on a stock exceeds the amount you actually have.

Leverage is a multiplier: it multiplies both your potential profit and your risk. Leverage allows you to take more meaningful positions, but it is important to manage your risk adequately. 

On the Web trading platform you have the option of trying to trade without the fear of losing your savings. This is possible by opening a demo account on the trading platform. You do not have to turn down the opportunity to try your forces on the demo account. While trading on a demo account a beginner is getting accustomed to a trading terminal, mastering its functions, trying himself or herself in one or another type of trading, testing trading strategies, selecting technical indicators, etc. Figuratively speaking, a demo account is a training simulator for currency trading.

How to open account
How to open account

If you want to know how to start using a browser based trading platform in Malaysia to trade assets in the market, there are many guides that can give you all the information you need. Also use the video tutorial on the broker's website, it will answer many of your questions. You will be able to learn about the strategies you need to use to increase your profits and reduce your losses. So good luck!

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