Start successful Bitcoin trading together with IQ Option

History knows a large number of examples when smart people became millionaires with only a few dollars in their pockets.

The main reasons for success are the desire to progress, the ability to think and find new opportunities. Of course, skeptics will say that now it is extremely difficult to find a new niche, and they will be wrong. Because the modern world has one big advantage - access to the Internet. The World Wide Web reveals great secrets and solves the problem of distances. It does not matter where you are - in South Africa, Germany, Mexico or Malaysia - every user today has the opportunity to earn big money.

The path to financial independence opens trading on binary options and cryptocurrencies. Just a few successful trades can make a big profit. This does not require huge investments - a modest starting capital will be enough. 

Of course, you need to choose a reliable partner - a platform that will have reliability and offer the greatest number of advantages. 

But this choice is simple - this is the IQ Option platform.

The story of how a small site became a segment leader in seven years

Today, IQ Option is known to traders around the world. 

It is a huge platform that works with millions of customers, including Malaysian users. But seven years ago it was a small company registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In 2013, the trading market was already well developed and had leaders, therefore IQ Option faced strong competition. However, it was able to win this fight and attract the attention of traders. Such success was made possible due to the high level of security, care for each client, convenience and efficiency. 

And most importantly - IQ Option really pays. 

Therefore, together with this broker, you can quickly and comfortably achieve financial independence.

Start to buy bitcoin with a reliable broker
Start to buy bitcoin with a reliable broker

IQ Option benefits

In Malaysia, there are several professional brokers. But IQ Option is the most popular and attractive to customers. Because this platform is always ready to offer more than competitors.


There are many positive reviews of the site on the Internet. Moreover, on thematic forums, you can read the opinions of real customers who will talk about the strengths of the company. And this is not a fake - so many people cannot be wrong. Today, over 40 million customers, are registered on the IQ Option website.

Legal income

Thanks to IQ Option, client can legally make big money. The platform has all the necessary documents, international licenses pay taxes and works under local law.


If a Malaysian trader has an analytical mindset, the road to big money will be effective. Because the average profit from a successful transaction is 70-80%. Besides, a large number of professional traders are registered on the site, who conduct successful trading for a long time, and daily profit reaches 200-300%;


Thanks to modern encryption programs, IQ Option clients are reliably protected from hackers and scammers. Support service is available on the site 24/7, which will quickly assist you in case of problems. Besides, your account is almost impossible to hack - it is protected with a 256-bit cipher and SSL 3.0 protocol. All important data, including transaction information and credit card passwords, will remain known only to you. Also, read the “Term & Conditions” document for more information.

Official site

Thanks to the good functionality of the site, it is easy to register here, find the right section and start successful trading. A pleasant color scheme does not strain your eyes, and a quality layout will help those customers who do not have much experience with a computer. Besides, the site has been translated into 17 languages, so you can choose the most convenient option.

Fast transactions

When replenishing your account or paying out winnings, you will be protected. Because the IQ Option service works with popular and convenient payment systems. A Malaysian user can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, system Blockchain or CoinBase, electronic wallets PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney. Moreover, the client does not pay a commission when replenishing, and transaction processing takes less than an hour.

Personal identification

Additional verification procedure. It is carried out upon payment of profit to the client. A Malaysian trader must provide documents (passport, driver's license) for identification. The security service will inspect within 24 hours. This will help to avoid mistakes and ensure that the real trader gets the money.

Easy registration procedure

If you are already 18 years old, you can begin the path to success with IQ Option. The process of opening an account will take several minutes. Besides, any Malaysian user can start making big money even with a small starting capital. The minimum deposit is $10, the minimum bet is $1.

Wide choose

Thanks to the IQ Option, trader can earn money on any asset. The company offers several hundred options: currencies, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), stocks of corporations, precious metals, securities, raw materials. Just pick the best asset and make a profitable deal.

Available around the clock

Yes, a Malaysian user can trade 24/7 at any convenient time. This allows you to make trading both the main type of profit and the hobby that is available after work. Besides, security and support services are also available around the clock, and the staff speaks different languages.


You can reduce risks and learn professional trading for free if you activate the demo account option. After that, the Malaysian user will receive 10,000 virtual dollars on deposit and will be able to use them to conclude transactions. This approach allows you to learn about the nuances of trading, try out new strategies and choose the best option without losing real money.


A unique competition where a Malaysian trader can compete with other participants for a lot of money. You only need to buy an entrance ticket ($4-20) and wait for the tournament to begin. After the start, each participant receives a deposit of $1000 virtual dollars. The task is to get the maximum profit for a certain period. A large prize pool ($3000-20000) is distributed among the most successful players.

Settings for convenience

Trading can be not only effective but also convenient thanks to IQ Option. Each user has the opportunity to add to the chart those signals and indicators that he needs - the site offers excellent customization and a good set of settings.

Mobile app

This option allows the Malaysian user to trade in any convenient place. Owners of iOS and Android devices can download the mobile application and install it on their phone or tablet. The program works with all modern devices. Besides, it provides a stable connection even with a weak Internet.

Premium user

IQ Option is ready to offer more - every customer has the opportunity to purchase a gold account. The premium user has the right to participate in special tournaments, receive a larger percentage of profits, insure transactions, have the help of a personal manager and other advantages.


Trading on the IQ Option can be automatic. The site allows you to connect and configure special programs. Now the robot will monitor the market 24/7, choose the best deals and offer them to the Malaysian user.


You are progressing with the IQ Option. The site has a section with useful information that contains an analysis of market strategies, tips from professional traders and many interesting articles. The link is in the footer of the page.

Create an account and learn how to buy bitcoin in Malaysia
Create an account and learn how to buy bitcoin in Malaysia

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

This is a special kind of currency that does not have banknotes or coins and is presented only in a digital code. This feature allows you to conduct instant and most secure transactions around the world.

The creator of Bitcoin is considered Satoshi Nakamoto, who developed this currency in 2008 together with a group of Japanese programmers. Thanks to the advantages, cryptocurrency has become very popular all over the world. Due to high demand, the value of coins has risen. The initial price was a few cents, and today you can buy Bitcoin for $9500-10000.

Instructions on how to become an IQ Option customer

The option to register on the site is free and available to all Malaysian users aged 18 years and older.

  1. Go to the official website of the company (;

  2. Click on the “trade now” button located in the upper corner of the screen;

  3. Enter your personal information or use your Facebook and Google profiles to import data. The company needs to know the username, password, email address (or phone number);

  4. Agree to the rules of the company;

  5. Follow the welcome link or enter the secret code to complete the procedure and start trading.

A new client has the opportunity to buy Bitcoin in Malaysia, replenish a deposit and start successful trading.

Become a bitcoin trader with IQ Option
Become a bitcoin trader with IQ Option

Bitcoin F.A.Q.

How can a Bitcoin trader make a profit?

To do this, you must become a client of IQ Option and make the first successful transaction.

1. Log in to your account and select the “Bitcoin” asset;

2. The task of the trader is to determine how the value of the cryptocurrency will change over time. At the disposal of the Malaysian trader a large number of options: call/put, in/out, spread, touch/no-touch;

3. Choose the best option and make a prediction;

4. Indicate the amount of the transaction (minimum limit - $1) and confirm the action;

5. Wait for the end of the period (expiration date) and make a profit.

Yes, cryptocurrency is a legal option for trading in Malaysia. Besides, IQ Option has all the necessary documents and international licenses. The platform officially operates in the country and pays taxes under the law. Therefore, a Malaysian trader can legally earn money without fear of breaking local laws.

You can buy the most popular cryptocurrency in various ways. The main condition is access to the Internet.

• Blockchain wallet, CoinBase, - a convenient program, available around the clock. But it requires paying an additional commission;

• Cryptocurrency exchange. You can purchase Bitcoin on the IQ Option exchange. There is no need to pay a commission, but the transaction processing time can be longer;

• Mobile app. Many applications work with modern iOS and Android phones. Here you can buy the cryptocurrency at a good rate, but the choice of options is not very wide.

IQ Option also offers traders the purchase of cryptocurrency on the site. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps.

1. First, you need to synchronize the cryptocurrency wallet with the site. Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected due to non-standard actions. The IQ Option service supports Blockchain, Jaxx, CoinBase wallets;

2. Now go to the official website and enter the profile;

3. Open the profile settings menu in the upper right corner of the page;

4. Select the “Crypto” and option “Buy Bitcoin” section;

5. Indicate the amount of the transaction, cryptocurrency wallet number, personal data;

6. Confirm the transaction and agree to the terms;

7. Wait a few minutes (up to 1 hour) until the transaction is completed.

To do this, select the “trade Bitcoin” option, open the “bidding” section and select from the proposed options. IQ Option user has access to good functionality.

• Call/Put. This is a classic method of making money. It is necessary to determine the direction of movement of the asset value. If the price rises, choose the “call” option; if it drops, the “put” option;

• Touch/No-touch. Another popular option. Here you need to make the correct forecast - whether the price of the asset reaches the specified value (Touch) or not (No-touch);

• In/Out. Now the currency has two boundaries - upper and lower. The Malaysian user must determine whether the price will remain within these limits (in) after the expiration date or leave them (out);

• Spread. Tool for a professional trader. The user must not only predict the direction of movement of the price of the asset but also indicate a specific value;

• Digital-options. Options with a long expiration period (up to 30 days). They attract low risks, but offer a lower percentage of profit;

• Turbo-options. The expiration time here is 1-5 minutes. This allows you to make big profits in a short time but contains a lot of risks.

Noone strategy guarantees success in 100% of cases. But there are the most popular options that professional Malaysian traders use.

• Binary gambit;

• Orange strategy;

• Five minutes;

• Three windows;

• Bollinger bands;

• Lighting and thunder.

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