The dilemma of investment is much more relevant now than previously. If investing Was the prerogative of just huge investors, today, due to modern online technologies, anyone with Web access along with the minimum amount for an initial investment may try their hand in the stock exchange. It isn't important if you reside in the middle of a major city, and it is a recognized financial center, or even at the most distant area of a little state, if you would like to know the fundamentals of science of trade: the chances of an internet platform will be exactly the same. 

Paypal is an international electronic payment system that provides cross-border services to anyone in the world who has a bank card. It offers payment and money transfer services over the internet and via smartphone. Paypal has more than 246 million active accounts in 203 markets and 56 currencies around the world. The payment system serves as an intermediary between merchant and buyer, providing secure payment with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and other payment systems.

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California. The company also has operations centres in Omaha, Scottsdale, Charlotte, Boston, Baltimore and Austin in the US; Chennai and Bangalore in India; Dublin and Dundalk in Ireland; Kleinmachnow in Germany; and Tel Aviv in Israel. Within the European Union, PayPal operates through a Luxembourg-based bank.PayPal is therefore attractive in investment terms.

Almost immediately after its formation, the new company's ordinary shares were floated on the stock exchange. The pandemic has encouraged people to switch from cash to online payments, including PayPal.

PayPal became the first foreign company in the world to be licensed to provide online services in China. PayPal has opened up the possibility of buying and storing cryptocurrencies since 2021.

PayPal allows you to pay in traditional shops using cryptocurrencies, something that its main competitor, Cash App from Square, does not allow you to do. The new service could attract additional customers, which would also boost revenue from the company's core business.

PayPal shares have been traded on the stock market for almost 20 years and are considered one of the most promising investments.

Last year was the most profitable year since the company was founded. The company's share price as of the date of this writing is $239.04, up 124.10% on the same period last year.

 Consider how to invest in PayPal shares in Malaysia.

PayPal official site
PayPal official site

  How to invest in PayPal shares in Malaysia?  

PayPal shares are actively traded on the US system NASDAQ, where they can be found under the ticker symbol PYPL. Today, this stock exchange is considered to be the main trading venue for the issuer's securities.

Shares can also be traded on: Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Mexico, Switzerland and other stock exchanges.

PayPal does not pay a dividend to its shareholders. This is due to the fact that all available profits are used to further develop the business.

The lack of dividend payments allows traders to earn profits only through changes in the price of securities, which makes the US company's shares less attractive to certain categories of institutional investors.

CFDs are a good alternative to dividend investing.

A contract for gap is a financial tool which lets the dealer and the purchaser to repay without paying to the underlying asset, paying each other the gap between the value given in the contract along with the true cost. You are able to make both in the autumn and at the rise of the marketplace. The most important job of the investor in this instance is to predict changes in the costs of the underlying asset. That is, depending on the tools offered to him analysis, he should assume at which the cost will be following some time.

CFD (contract for difference) on stocks permits you to use leverage, so you can find an intriguing return on investments, in spite of a little capital. But it ought to be mentioned that trading with borrowed capital is connected with a greater degree of danger and isn't acceptable for many investors. 

PayPal trading conditions
PayPal trading conditions

PayPal Holdings Inc. shares are included in the calculation base of many stock exchange indices, for example: S&P 500, DJ US, S&P 100, DJ Support Services, DJ Internet Commerce, DJ Financial Administration, Nasdaq, DJ Industrial Goods & Services, NASDAQ Industrial, DJ Large-Cap, S&P 500 Information Technology, Nasdaq 100, S&P Composite 1500 Information Technology, DJ Internet Composite, ARCA Institutional and others.

Find info concerning the occurrence of such agents in Malaysia.

 When Selecting a broker, make Sure it fulfills the following requirements:

  •   accessibility of a professional site with all Essential information,
  •   accessibility of comments for consultations,
  •   trading requirements readily available with a wide Assortment of trading tools;
  •   accessibility of technical indicators for the evaluation of share price changes;
  •   rate of implementation of requests;
  •   low service charges;
  •   availability of suitable procedures because of replenishment and withdrawal.

 As soon as you've decided on a broker, enroll on their internet trading platform and begin trading.

Paypal investment platform
Paypal investment platform

 How to buy PayPal shares in Malaysia?  

To Begin working with Stocks online, You Have to register online Investment system. This is a really straightforward and regular process, which is not any different from enrolling any other website. The machine will ask you to verify the email through a automatic connection in the correspondence.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

A free demo account will soon be accessible to you . Test accounts, which the machine automatically replenishes for a specific sum of false funds.

With its aid it is possible to execute precisely the very same operations as with a true account. Just in the instance of a demo accounts, you don't spend actual money, but exchange with false cash. This practice can help you to determine which errors you're making, which works are better to utilize and which aren't. You don't have to risk real money. You can't withdraw cash from the demo accounts.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

To begin trading for real, top your actual account. Normally, trading Platforms made for the ordinary trader set low first amounts for the first payment and seldom exceed $10. Highly professional trading platforms, made for big investors, may establish a considerably higher first amount to replenish.

To do this, click the"top-up Residue" button and choose among those top-up options supplied by the machine: by bank or by the payment method. Funds are credited up to five banking days. You can withdraw money from your account in the Exact Same manner as the top-up was made. 

How to buy PayPal shares
How to buy PayPal shares

 Is it reasonable to invest in PayPal shares in Malaysia? 

 We should not forget that, regardless of the obvious simplicity and the access to internet investment, trading is a science which needs at least a fundamental comprehension of how the stock exchange functions, a comprehension of particular routines and processes, and also needs continuous training and deepening knowledge.

The Internet trading platform Includes a training segment, where you will discover a great deal of helpful info and also video tutorials that will help you immediately understand the fundamentals of trading. Additionally utilize external sources of advice to find out.

Learning lessons on an online investment platform
Learning lessons on an online investment platform

Bear in mind that stock price changes will also be influenced by a number of external elements, such as political procedures in the home and across the world, national financial laws and macroeconomic marketplace procedures, in addition to phenomena like natural and man-made disasters.

Monitor the actions of the business in which you are investing. Adhere to the management of its actions, analyse if the item or service given by the business is going to be required by customers in the long run.

Should you persistently examine such procedures, follow market trends, the behavior of particular businesses, you may Finally learn how to analyse and predict possible expansion or decrease in the Value of their organization's assets. This will allow you to make successful assets in the investment marketplace and grow as a investor

Investors have a good view of PayPal's business prospects in the medium and long term.

US payments system PayPal Holdings Inc. recorded a three-fold increase in net profit in the fourth quarter of 2020 due to the accelerated adoption of digital payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

Information about Paypal shares
Information about Paypal shares

According to a press release from PayPal, net profit rose to $1.57 billion, or $1.32 per share, in the October-December period, up from $507 million, or $0.43 per share, in the same period a year earlier.

Adjusted earnings were $1.08 per share, compared with $0.83 a year earlier. Analysts polled by FactSet had forecast an average of $1 per share. Quarterly revenue rose 23% to $6.12bn from $4.96bn, the consensus forecast by experts for the figure was $6.09bn.

Total payments on the company's platform were $277 billion, up from $199.4 billion in the same period a year earlier. Analysts on average had forecast a figure of $267.9 billion. In annual terms, payment volume jumped 39%, or 36% excluding currency fluctuations.

The number of new active PayPal accounts increased 16 million during the fourth quarter, bringing the total number of active user accounts to 377 million at the end of December, up 24% from a year earlier.

CEO Dan Schulman called the past quarter the strongest in PayPal's history.

The company expects revenue to increase 26% in the first quarter of 2021, or 28% excluding currency movements, while adjusted earnings per share will grow by about 50%. Experts polled by FactSet estimate revenue in January-March at $5.62 billion compared to $4.62 billion a year earlier, while adjusted earnings are at $0.99 per share compared to $0.66.

PayPal earnings calendar
PayPal earnings calendar

However, the company warned of a possible slowdown in growth this year. Total payments are expected to increase by less than 20%, up from 31% in 2020. Revenue for 2021 is projected to grow 19%, or 17% excluding currency movements, to around $25.5 billion and adjusted earnings to rise 17%, according to PayPal's forecast. In addition, the company expects to increase the number of new active accounts by 50 million this year.

The company's capitalisation has risen 29.7% to $291.9bn in the past three months. Taking all of the above into account, we are confident that investing in PayPal shares in Malaysia is a great option.

We wish you successful trades and high returns!

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