How to Open an IQ Option Free Demo Binary Trading Account - Safe and Without deposit

The binary option segment has no strict regulatory restrictions for growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Forex traders operating in Malaysia operate legally if they use the services of a forex broker who is registered, licensed and controlled by the laws and regulations in force in Malaysia. Bank Negara is the main institution that issues official licenses to the binary option Malaysia brokers.

IQ Option entered the binary option market in 2013 and immediately became a hit among traders. The platform gained great popularity primarily due to the fact that the broker offered access to binary option trading with figuratively nothing.

It has allowed many people to study the algorithm of trading without needing to invest large sums. Of course, if it were the only good feature of the broker, the company would never have achieved its current status. So, why is the IQ Option free demo account one of the best decisions you can make when choosing a broker?

Choose a reliable broker
Choose a reliable broker

The starting deposit is only 10 US dollars, and you will not find a more profitable deal anywhere else in the market. With these 10 dollars, you can open a real account and take advantage of all the benefits that it can offer. Moreover, the minimum trade amount is only 1 US dollar, but you can invest up to 5,000 US dollars, which gives you full control over the funds in your deposit. The profit of up to 91% is among the highest in the sphere.

Why Has Trading Become So Popular Recently in Malaysia?

The country’s economy has been growing fast creating favorable conditions for binary option trading.

  • High-level technological surrounding
  • Well-developed gas and oil industry
  • English-speaking nation
  • Flexible laws and regulations
  • Highly-developed infrastructure
  • Trading is well perceived by population
  • Was a founding member of the World Trade Organisation

Generally speaking, many traders and business types find Malaysia a very friendly country to operate in thanks to its liberal trading laws and diligent financial regulatory oversight by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Currently there is a top list of the preferred brokers in the country which includes IQ Option.

What is the IQ Option Demo Account?

Trading is a chance to increase your material state, but is also a difficult and sometimes very laborious task.

It requires good preparation, both theoretical and practical. The necessary knowledge is provided by books, video tutorials, and online courses. Experience comes only after long hours of conducting transactions.

Before plunging into a sea of ​​information in the pursuit of big money, you may want to consider opening a demo account.

It will not differ in function from the real one while allowing trading testing with no risk to your funds. It will help to learn the trading branch. If the first profit is virtual, then the loss of the deposit will luckily be virtual too.

IQ Option allows traders to broaden their financial portfolio through trading FX Options and CFDs on currency pairs (FX), stocks, cryptocurrencies, Commodities and ETFs.

Start trading now
Start trading now

Beginners will be able to learn general information about the world of binary options. More advanced users will be able to find out what is needed for a successful and beneficial binary option trading. Another plus is that users have the opportunity to get information about tools for trading with this resource.

Training is absolutely affordable, registration is also free. During the training process, you will be able to fairly evaluate if it is attractive for you to trade binary options and if you would like to connect your activities with this further. In any case, you will not lose anything, since training does not require any contributions.

How to Use IQ Option Demo? 

Everyone needs to know how to properly use a demo application. Let's talk about how to get the most out of this account version. Most users treat it as a fun game and, thus, they do not use the potential of the demo in a correct way.

It has really big capabilities despite all the psychological differences between the demo and the real trading. You may have already collected a handful of all sorts of binary strategies in Google. So, it's time to test them with a demo help. Money is not a factor as your risk is zero. Take advantage of this opportunity on the site and imagine that this virtual money is real. Play as if a real deal is at stake and take it seriously.

How to Open IQ Option Demo Account? 

To work successfully with binary options, you need to know a lot of things:

  • choose the right time frame (or set of time frames);
  • choose the necessary market conditions (trend, consolidation);
  • decide on the value of the deal.

All this can be worked out initially on a demo. You can evolve and examine your trading plan in advance and define the rules for the environment. As a result, by the time you move your activity to a real account, you will already have verified trading strategy numerous times on a demo and come to the necessary conclusions from it.

IQ Option Demo
IQ Option Demo

IQ Option Demo VS Real Account

Commonly, the users test the tricks they learned from books or the Internet by watching numerous videos on YouTube about successful trading on the demo. Very often, just a demo is enough to realize how many of these strategies are totally useless.

Practice on a demo account will partly prepare you for all the difficulties that you will inevitably encounter on a real account. And they all have mainly psychological background. That is why you should try to bring the demonstration app as close as possible to the real one. Do not just play and try to work instead. Study your strategy, test the concepts of technical analysis, then repeat it over and over again. A demo account is the perfect base for practice.

But there are also some rules for a training account:

  • Do not open the random option. It is not gambling. Do analysis, apply strategies;
  • Do not open options for large sums as there is no point in it. The most essential thing is to learn how to trade and apply strategies otherwise you will fail to replenish the demo account the next time. The sum for playing on a demo version should not exceed the amount of money that you are ready to transfer to a true deposit. If you start to entertain and play with considerable amounts of virtual money, you can lose vigilance when switching to real assets.
  • Trade with serious attitude even if you make transactions for virtual money;
  • Having tried a strategy or sales advisor in practice with the help of a training account, you will be able to smoothly switch to real trading!

What are the Positive Sides of IQ Option Demo Login?

  • A demo will introduce the broker resource details to you: personal account, transaction history, educational materials. It will accelerate the quality of trade and allow you to select the broker according to what is the most convenient and comfortable for you to work with.
  • It stimulates interest in options trading. The customer is able to see that there is nothing particularly complicated or terrifying about trading;
  • It allows you to try trading using different strategies without the risk of making a mistake. Thus, the trader enters the real market not blindly, but already with some knowledge.
  • Helps you learn to sort out risks. IQ Option demo sign up is a great way to determine the acceptable risk and will help you learn to open binary options with some purpose rather than randomly.
Take your first steps with IQ Option demo account
Take your first steps with IQ Option demo account

Disadvantages of a demo account:

  • Users often think the demo account is a fun game where it is not dramatic to lose money.
  • Low responsibility for virtual funds; because they are not real, they are easy to spend.
  • Lack of trading psychology as it seems that trading is a game, therefore you are not too concerned about the funds. It may be an illusion that trading is easy. But, when switching to a real account, traders have a fear of losing their funds, emotions come over the edge, and the work becomes unprofitable, thereby failing the activity.

A vital thing to note is that trading on a probation account is only one out of many steps in your training. It is a serious practice that should be treated accordingly. If you look at trading from perspective point of view, that it as a job and the source of steady earnings, work with a demo account with all your efforts. Such a policy will hone your skills for real trading, and you can master brilliant skills to make trading profitable in reality.

In order to be successful in any field of activity, it is important to work hard and gain experience. Forex trading is not an exception. To achieve maximum trading success, a key rule is to have not only theoretical and technical knowledge but also practical experience in conducting trading activities. It can be obtained in a demo account without risking your personal assets.

The main thing is not to hurry. You should not give up training on a demo account quickly and rush up to open a real account. Training activity can set the background for future achievements.

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