At this point in time, almost everyone is in constant motion. This is justified by the regime that establishes the modern world. Many due to employment cannot even visit grocery stores, pharmacies and clothing stores. Therefore, more and more often in any society, one can observe how, with the help of a few clicks, a person remains full, dressed and ready to continue working. This is due to the fact that all service providers adapt to their users and make their everyday life easier. In almost any field, online shopping, payment are available, you can even study remotely and all this is possible using mobile applications.

Companies have studied the needs of their customers, and now absolutely any functions are available to users using only smartphones. What about work? It is also available remotely in many areas. Users can earn while at home, on a trip or vacation, which frees up a large amount of time. The developers of trading platforms think the same way. The most popular online brokers provide their users with the opportunity to work remotely using not only a computer or laptop, but also their smartphones.

IQ Option trading platform
IQ Option trading platform

Thanks to mobile applications, an investor or trader can have constant access to their portfolio, make the necessary transactions, and also track market news. One of the most famous in the world of investments, the online broker IQ Option, also provides its users with its terminal in the form of a mobile application.

What is the IQ Option mobile app?

The IQ Option mobile application is considered the best because it completely repeats the functionality and interface of the original terminal, and even has a more extensive set of functions, for example, in the settings you can enable various notifications for certain trading instruments.

It is a common smartphone application that allows an investor or trader to trade more than 300 assets such as fiat currencies, stocks, precious metals. The IQ Option application allows you to trade binary options and use the CFD method. And all this is in one smartphone, allowing the user to always be ready to profit from trading.

IQ Option mobile app
IQ Option mobile app


A user who has already tried the original IQ Option terminal can easily understand the functionality of the mobile application and choose the right asset. It will also quickly find and use the necessary financial instruments that will facilitate trading, such as:

  • Stop Loss is a command for the broker to close a trade if the price reaches a certain loss value. This tool helps traders reduce the risk of losing funds if there are any technical failures. Stop Loss is set by the user at the time of opening a trade.
  • Take Profit is a pending order for a broker, which means that as soon as the price reaches a certain profit point, the deal must be closed.

The user can also use leverage, but it is important to remember that this increases the possible risks, so you should gain enough experience in trading to use this option.

The available functions in the terminal of the IQ Option application also include: time frame selection, chart display type (candlestick, line or bar), flexible chart scalability. All these features are present to improve trading on the IQ Option mobile app and user experience.

IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets
IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets


The interface of the IQ Option mobile App is very well thought out, making it intuitively easy for the user to dig into the functionality. All instruments stand out clearly, and the main buy and sell operations have a brighter design.

Although the interface is not the most important thing, the harmonious arrangement of tools, as well as various options, is far from the last place. It also makes such processes as options trading and online Forex trading more understandable and accessible, both for beginners and for more experienced investors and traders.


The IQ Option mobile application is easy enough to install on a smartphone, this can be done using standard software installation sites.

After installation, the user will have access not only to the trading terminal, but also to many functions that are on the official website of the online broker. For example, an investor should always have access to the news feed, because up-to-date information is important for the user. It allows you to track political and economic events related to the market, helping the trader to analyze the impact of news on the movement of asset prices and predict the growth or fall of prices in the future.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

How and where to download the mobile version of IQ Option?

You can download IQ Option mobile app for free. There are two possible ways to download the application to your smartphone.

In the first option, the user needs to visit the official website of the IQ Option platform, in the top menu, select the “For Traders” section and find the link in it: Download the application. A tab will open where you can select the necessary service for the user's smartphone, and in the tab you can select the version of the terminal for the investor's personal computer.

Another way IQ Option mobile app download is to select a service on the user's smartphone, which is designed to install and download applications, and find the one you need in the search. After the user has confirmed the download, he can only wait until the download is completed. Then, in the list of applications on the smartphone, you need to find the IQ Option shortcut.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

In order to use the IQ Option mobile App, an investor needs to register using an email address and create a password, or use an existing account.

If the first login option is used, then the registration process will take a small amount of time, the main thing is to enter the data in the required fields and confirm the account through an email that will be sent to the user's e-mail.

In the second option, when logging into an already existing account, all user data will be synchronized, so all transactions will be displayed in the IQ Option mobile App.

Downloading and registering on a smartphone takes only a few minutes, which means that the user will be able to start trading almost immediately without wasting valuable time. It is also worth noting that the deposit and withdrawal of funds is instant, and there is also round-the-clock technical support.

Android system requirements

The Android system version must be 5.1 or higher, and 74 MB of hard disk space is also required for the application to go through the normal installation and unpacking on the device.

iOS system requirements

The iOS operating system must be version 12.1 and higher, you need the same amount of free hard disk space as on Android smartphones.

IQ Option offers fast withdrawal
IQ Option offers fast withdrawal

Other benefits of the IQ Option mobile app

It is not difficult to download IQ Option mobile app, it is just as easy to register by filling in the required fields and accepting the user agreement. It is easy to understand the functionality of the application, thanks to a convenient and harmonious interface.

It is difficult to learn how to make transactions, reducing risks to a minimum value. Many investors and traders do not want to start trading because they are afraid to understand many incomprehensible nuances for a long time. Others try to start trading intuitively, which is completely wrong and can lead to huge losses of funds.

To begin with, it is worth noting the existence of a practice account, which is available to absolutely any user of the IQ Option trading application. Such an account allows an investor or trader to get acquainted not only with all the auxiliary tools and functions of the terminal, but also allows you to open trial transactions without using the user's personal funds. A training account is provided immediately with a certain amount of fictitious funds, with which the user can try trading and create a strategy for himself, worked out to the smallest detail.

To develop strategies, various analyzes of price movement help to predict the direction of its movement in the future. It helps the user to trade almost without loss and improve their skills.

The indicators that can be found in the terminal of the IQ Option mobile application are technical analysis tools. They are used individually or in combination with each other, for each asset, no matter what the investor or trader uses.

IQ Option App for smartphones
IQ Option App for smartphones

Also in the mobile application, you can use the training section containing various video lessons that explain everything in an accessible way, from the basics to complex methods of market analysis. So you can watch video lessons, and then work them out on a demo account to assimilate the information.

When a trader or investor starts trading on a real account, he must remember that it is necessary to open transactions only if there is a possible result due to the analysis carried out. Then trading will have less risks and bring constant income, allowing the user to further develop their abilities. And all this is possible using only a mobile application.

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