Many experts in the world of trading prefer to use online brokerage platforms to generate passive or active income, but it is also worth noting that many online brokers are suitable for new traders as well.

Online brokerage platforms give users direct access to the market, which allows them to increase their capital. A lot of users, at the beginning of trading, cannot decide how best to start earning income, because you need to choose an asset, method and strategy. Also, many investors cannot afford to deposit enough money to start trading.

Now there are many platforms that allow you to start earning income from trading, having a small amount of investment. One of such platforms is IQ Option.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

This online broker has a rather low deposit, allowing an investor or trader to start with a small amount, gradually increasing capital and be able to earn even more from one transaction.

IQ Option is a fairly well-known platform among many traders and investors in all countries of the world. Many users use it as a launching pad, as the minimum deposit is only $10, which is affordable for absolutely anyone.

Many users are interested in how to deposit in IQ Option, in fact, it is not difficult and it is enough just to follow the correct sequence of actions.


When a user pays attention to the IQ Option online broker, he can be sure that he made the right choice. The fact is that this site provides not only easy registration, but also provides many tools for successful trading.

First of all, the investor needs to register and pass verification. Registration is done to create a personal user account. To do this, click on the button and the desired tab will open.

All a trader needs to register is to enter a valid email address in the required field and come up with a good password. You should not disclose the password from your personal account to other persons in order to avoid losing your funds.

When the registration is completed and the investor has confirmed it using the confirmation letter that came to his email, you must go through verification. There is nothing complicated in this process either. The user enters personal data and backs it up with some requested documents. This process will protect the user's funds, as well as his personal data, from hacking and fraudsters.

Verification is practiced on almost every trading platform, these processes are slightly different from each other, but have a common meaning.

How to deposit in IQ Option? 

When the verification is completed, you need to return to the main page of the online broker, on the right there will be a menu where the user needs to select "Deposit".

Top up section
Top up section

A tab will open where the investor will need to select the most suitable deposit method. This can be a bank transfer, transfer through an electronic payment system, payment by bank or credit card. 

It is also worth noting that during the replenishment of the account, no commission is charged by the online broker platform, so the user can replenish the deposit with the exact amount, without unnecessary calculations.

The minimum deposit amount is only $10. Of course, the more you invest in a trade, the higher your profit will be if you complete that trade successfully. But, at the same time, experts advise not to risk more than 1-2% of the total margin and gradually increase your own trading turnover.

Minimum deposit amount in IQ Option Platform is 10$
Minimum deposit amount in IQ Option Platform is 10$

Since trading on the market in any case carries risks, the user needs to deposit an amount that, in case of unsuccessful trading, will not lead to huge losses, and in case of successful trading, it will bring tangible profits.

In addition to convenient and technically simple methods of depositing an account, the platform also features a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as the availability of various trading and analytical tools. Other advantages of the IQ Option platform will be discussed below.

Benefits of the IQ Option Platform
Benefits of the IQ Option Platform

Features of an online broker

IQ Option implies a huge service that provides a large number of various auxiliary programs, which helps this online broker to take a leading place in the popularity rating among its competitors.

The best interface, combined with the convenient location of all functions and tools, allows the user to effectively manage their trading. In addition, a small initial deposit, which even a beginner can afford, and not only experienced investors, which leads to an increase in the list of users every trading day.

The number of active users of the platform is constantly growing
The number of active users of the platform is constantly growing

Therefore, we can conclude that IQ Option is suitable for trading of any user, giving the opportunity not only to participate in transactions, but also to develop their skills, which leads to more successful transactions.

First of all, if a novice user has registered with this online broker, he should pay attention to the training block, which consists of a huge number of articles, touching on the very basics of trading, as well as video lessons available in various languages.

Also on the site of this online broker, there is a very useful function for a novice user, it is called a practice account. This feature is a complete copy of a real account, only instead of the user's deposit, it contains fictitious funds. These fictitious funds are provided by the online broker itself completely free of charge, allowing a novice trader to use them to improve their trading.

A training account is used to understand the functionality of the site and improve trading skills. 

The user can use the training materials and train on this account, having as much time left as he needs. Few online brokers provide their Expert Advisors with a perpetual demo account, this is where IQ Option differs from them.

In order to secure their trading, the user will need to learn how to analyze the price movement of the asset chosen for trading. This method allows you to successfully enter a deal, having an idea about the future movement of the asset price. To carry out a correct analysis of the price movement, the user is provided with all the possible tools that exist to indicate trends, emerging figures and other moments, right on the chart. This allows you to perform analysis without closing the terminal and without being distracted.

The terminal is also available on a variety of devices to make trading easier and more convenient for the user. IQ Option has a mobile application that allows you to access the terminal, no worse than its web version.

It is worth noting that the terminal has built-in indicators that enable the user to successfully enter a trade. 

Technical analysis indicators are algorithms that provide data on future prices using data on quotations over a certain period of time.

Every technical analysis indicator is based on a certain formula. This formula is used to make calculations. Depending on the type of the indicator or its purpose, the formula may vary. For instance, one formula calculates the average price for a certain period, another calculates the closing or opening price of the market, and so on.

Such tools for market analysis increase chances of traders to correctly estimate the current situation and make right trading moves. 

IQ Option is considered an excellent option for experts and newcomers to trading, because even if something does not work out, the trader can go back to the beginning and try again. 

Try trading with IQ Option right now - open an account in two clicks and experience all the benefits of one of the best trading platforms! 

IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

Frequently asked Questions

How to deposit money on IQ Option?

Funds are deposited through a personal account on the official website of IQ Option. You can replenish the deposit using a bank or credit card, and in the same place you can use various electronic systems for transactions. In addition, the user can use a bank transfer.

After the occurrence of this problem, you should first of all make sure that the personal data is filled in correctly, as well as try changing the browser. If the problem persists, the user can contact the support team, which is available around the clock, and then follow the instructions.

Yes, through this system, the user can replenish the deposit, one has only to select it from the list of proposed types of transactions and enter the necessary data.

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