The modern world gives you the exceptional opportunity to invest online, which means that you do not need to visit banks, stock exchanges or spend your precious time arranging a meeting with your broker to solve certain problems and obtain important information. All of the above can be done easily from the comfort of your own home, at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Whereas until recently, the average Malaysian could not even dream of trading in the stock market and such transactions seemed to benefit only the powerful, the situation has now changed.

All you need is a computer (or a smartphone), access to the Internet and, of course, a desire to learn the basics of investing.

Consider the options for investing online in Nike stock in Malaysia.

Nike - one of the largest manufacturers of sports goods in the world. Products are produced under the brands Nike, Air Jordan, Total 90, Nike Golf, Team Starter and others. Nike also controls companies producing goods under the brands Bauer, Cole Haan, Converse, and Hurley International.

The company, founded on 25 January 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports, officially became Nike, Inc. in 1978.

Today, Nike is a giant in the sportswear market. As of 2019, the company had equity capital of $9.04 billion. , operating income of $17.474 billion, and net income of $4.029 billion. The company's assets were valued at $23.717 billion in the same year 2019 and capitalized at about $86 billion. The total number of employees is 76,700.

As of the date of this writing, Nike's stock price is $129.43 , showing a year-over-year gain of 47.37%.

Nike's official website
Nike's official website

How to invest in Nike shares in Malaysia?

Nike shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the ticker symbol NKE.

Invest in Nike shares in Malaysia through a licensed broker with access to the NYSE.

Be guided by the image of the broker, find out if the broker is licensed to broker in the stock market, check the amount of commissions possible. All this information is readily available on the Internet. Be sure to read the reviews of the broker in question. Choose a broker that has more experience in the market and that can offer you a free practice account to get you started on the online trading platform. With such an account you will have the opportunity to learn investment techniques or, if you are not new to trading, you can improve your skills.

Choose your investment method. You can invest in Nike shares using the dividend method or by trading derivatives.

Invest in Nike stock
Invest in Nike stock

The dividend method is actually the classic investment option. You purchase shares with the expectation of a percentage of the company's profits in the future. Dividend investing is a strategy that gives investors two sources of potential income: a predictable income from regular dividend payments and capital appreciation over time due to the growth in the value of the shares themselves.

Buying dividend stocks can be a great solution for income-seeking investors or for those who simply want to increase their wealth by reinvesting dividends. Investing in dividend stocks is a passive income with regular payouts.

The amount of dividend payments depends on the company's internal policy and is approved at a general meeting of shareholders. Although dividend investing is widely regarded as one of the least risky investments, it is worth remembering that a company may decide not to pay a dividend temporarily, investing its profits in the development of the company.

Dividend payments on Nike stock are made quarterly (4 times a year) at a yield of about one percent. As practice shows, the yield on Nike dividends over the past 10 years has been fixed at 1 -1.7% of the share price.

Many people choose derivatives trading as an alternative to dividend investing. Trading derivatives, the so-called CFD (Contracts for Difference) is a popular method, although it is considered speculative. CFD is a way of trading price movements without the direct buying or selling of the financial instrument. The idea behind a CFD is that one party will pay the other the difference between the current and the future value of the asset. In other words, you can make money even if the price of the asset falls, but only if you are prepared for the fall in price. Trading derivatives involves your ability to analyse the market situation well and correctly predict the direction of the price.

Option to buy shares on the platform
Option to buy shares on the platform

How to buy Nike stock in Malaysia?

To be able to buy Nike shares, you need to register with an online trading platform offered by your chosen broker. The online investment platform is a fully digital product with which you will have access to all transactions on the exchange non-stop, 24/7, in real time. Moreover, the online investment platform offers many tools for successful trading, such as indicators for technical analysis, stop loss function for automatic completion of transactions and the multiplier, which is used in trading with so-called "leverage". We advise you to study the investment platform thoroughly, familiarise yourself with all the possibilities it offers, focusing especially on the "learning" tab. This is a particularly valuable and, most importantly, free opportunity to learn all the possible investment techniques.

Registering on the online platform is easy and doesn't take much time. Go to the website of the brokerage company you have chosen as your intermediary and click on the "register" option. The system will ask you to enter your username and e-mail, after which you will receive an email to confirm the registration. Follow the simple instructions in the email and confirm your registration. Then you can start to get to know the platform.

Platform registration form
Platform registration form

We recommend to get acquainted with the work of the online trading platform, using a demo account. Demo account is a free test version of a real account. The money on the demo account is not real, it is used for training purposes. The advantages of a demo account are obvious - you can practice trading on the platform, without the risk of losing real money. Of course, you will not be able to withdraw money from your demo account.

Select an account to work with
Select an account to work with

If you have a real account you can activate it by depositing money to it. The minimum deposit amount is just $10. To fund your real account, use one of the funding options offered on the platform. You can use your bank card or online payment system as you prefer. The same options can then also be used to withdraw money from your account.

Top up your account online
Top up your account online

To buy Nike stocks, select the section "stocks" on the platform and enter NKE in the search box. You will open the platform's section for working with stocks of Nike and you can see here all the latest information about the company: the current stock price and the schedule of its fluctuations, trading hours, statistics and links to the latest news about Nike. You can choose any time frame for analysis on the chart. The technical analysis indicators are also useful - you will find the "indicators" tab on the bottom panel of the platform.

Nike is represented on the platform under the ticker NKE
Nike is represented on the platform under the ticker NKE

How to start investing in Nike stock in Malaysia?

So, to get started in investing, you should:

  • find a decent online broker;
  • register on an online investing platform;
  • open a demo account;
  • become familiar with the platform and all the tools it offers;
  • become familiar with the tutorials online;
  • try to trade using a free online account;
  • follow the news related to the company you intend to invest in;
  • follow the economic and political news in Malaysia as well as the country where the company is based;
  • follow the news globally to understand global trends.

As you can see, investing is a whole science which requires the prospective investor to understand certain patterns and processes and also requires constant learning and deepening of knowledge. If you persistently study such processes, monitor market trends, the behavior of certain companies, over time you will learn to analyze and predict the possible growth or decline in the value of a company's assets. This will allow you to make successful transactions in the investment market and grow professionally as an investor.

You should remember that investing is a risky business because, in addition to the possibility of making significant profits, there is also the disadvantage of possibly losing your own money. Therefore, do not start recklessly but prepare carefully, do not be lazy to study the laws of the market and the principles of effective investing so as not to take unnecessary risks.

Nike is one of the most interesting companies around the world to invest in. The value of its assets is constantly increasing and so are its markets. Sport and a healthy lifestyle is the new trend of our time, so the company is in demand.

That is why we recommend that you try investing in Nike in Malaysia and feel all the benefits of successfully investing in a successful company.

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