What is binary options? 

Anyone familiar with the stock market has probably wondered what is binary options trading. In fact, investing in binary options is not that tricky and it can really bring a return even to a beginner in a short period of time. Especially if the trader pays attention to the rules of trading and treats it responsibly. Let's go over the basics of commerce with options and how it works.

A binary option is an electronic contract on a particular asset with a known expiry time beforehand. Also, the potential payoff for buying an option is also known in advance as a percentage of the transaction amount.

The profit percentage is usually high and, depending on the dealer and type of contract, averages between 60% and 95%. The whole mechanism of the deal in simple words is as follows.The trader has to correctly predict the direction of the market price at the time the option is exercised. If the trader guesses which direction the price will go in 10 minutes, for example, he gets his bet and a percentage of the profit. If not, he loses his bet.

What is the binary options market? 

Every market defines a seller, a buyer and also the subject of the trade. In the case of options, something can be almost anything. In the world practice, there are even bets on the weather. While traditional options base their prices on the value of underlying assets, the prices of weather options are determined on the basis of data from all weather stations in the country.

However, most of the assets involved in online binary options are exchange traded instruments. The assets here can be defined as specific stocks, currencies, commodities or even indices that can be traded on exchanges around the world.

Binary options information
Binary options information

The place to trade, where the buyer and seller meet, is the dealer's platform, and it is an integral part of the options market. You can use it to select an asset, place a bet and withdraw your profit. On top of that, the platform offers a number of other features.

What is a binary options broker? 

There are many dealers providing forex instruments and it is important for traders to choose the best dealer in order to trade options in the most efficient way.

The portals are easy to use and easy to navigate for traders. The platforms allow you to make trades in real time and track the movement of the asset.

The platforms provide indicators and charts to help them identify market trends, so they know when to trade an asset.

To start trading, you simply register on the broker's website and make a minimum deposit using any payment method that suits you.

What's more, you can learn for free here, as there are both video tutorials and answers to the most common questions that can enhance a trader's professional level.  The sooner you start learning the ins and outs of the binary market, the sooner you can create an additional way to make money.

What is a binary options trader? 

A trader is usually understood to be a participant of the financial market making deals for speculative profit. Once they have been registered online, traders are able to access brokerage services.

Trader on the platform independently evaluates the possibility of profit, examines and analyses the asset, makes the best to learn, this takes time.

Once a decision has been made, the dealer will forward the trade to the bidder. After that, the trade will be conducted between the two trading parties. Generally, a trader is commonly understood to be a financial market participant who conducts transactions for speculative gain. The most popular are short term options, less often traders use long-term contracts.

In addition, the trader can set so called stop-loss and take profit.

Apart from the strategy, which will be chosen by the trader, the risk management and money management are also important, so it is very important to be able to control the risks - by taking your profit on time. There is a limitation of losses - Stop Loss (position will be automatically closed if the price falls below a set value) and limitation of profits - Take Profit (position will be automatically closed as soon as the price exceeds a specified value). By placing these limits in orders, you control possible risks and profit in advance.

All traders need to do is register online and provide some details. Once they have been registered online, traders can access brokerage services. They are the ones who offer clients the opportunity to place an order. Once a decision has been made, the broker will forward the trade to the bidder. The trade will then be conducted between the two trading parties.

What is binary options trading? 

Once you know who is a binary options trader and what is binary options, you need to know all the ins and outs of this type of trading tool.

What is trading binary options? The main purpose is to offer you the opportunity to make money legally from your initial investment.

To take advantage of this, you must be aware of all the basics of binary trading and the reasoning behind them.

When you trade, you don't have to wait for months to find out if you're right. Instead, you can move now and take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up. Binary options is ideal for day traders who want quick results and flexibility.

What kind of binary options are available? 

There are so many types of options, and new variations are being introduced all the time. Here are the main ones you can start with in order to get to know the market:

  • Up/Down. A trader needs to correctly choose where the price of the asset will be, after a certain amount of time.
  • Touching.  It means trading within a certain range. If the price touches the upper or lower boundary line marked on the chart, then we make a profit.
  • Range. This type assumes a price movement within a certain price corridor. In this option type, we do not trade up or down. 

Market Analysis 

Before making any predictions, the trader should be as informed as possible about the asset. For this purpose, market participants use different types of research and analysis.

The first option is a fundamental analysis. In order to apply the fundamental factors successfully, it is enough to look through the economic calendar regularly. The analysis deals with the most important events that take place in the world or industry economy, global politics, events that take place in individual countries, regions and companies. Thus, this methodology is based on news that contains news about the aforementioned events. The choice of events that an investor will analyse depends directly on the underlying asset used for trading.

A trader who mastered the basic method will get a powerful tool with which to succeed in both classic trading and on the options market.

Technical analysis is a large and multi-faceted science, which includes chart patterns, trend levels, indicators, oscillators, analysis of Japanese candlesticks and much more. People have been learning the art of technical analysis for a long time. But do not be alarmed, for everyone was once a beginner and started from scratch. Such analysis combines three main rules:

  • All the catalysts for price changes are already on the chart.
  • There is always a trend. Most of the pros make money only on trends. "The trend is your friend", the saying is as old as the world, but it still has not lost its relevance.
  • History is cyclical and always repeats itself. All technical analysis patterns repeat themselves regularly, which is why traders manage to profit from them. People apply in their trading many strategies based on reversal candlestick patterns, which always work out.
Popular binary options trading methods
Popular binary options trading methods

There are two major schools of trading - technical and fundamental. People have been arguing for decades which analysis is better. The answer is really simple - you have to apply them both.

Where to trade binary options in Malaysia? 

People have always been looking for places to make money in Malaysia. And trading binary options, is a popular online earning option which attracts investors worldwide. It has many advantages and requires a small amount of money to trade. It is also a very liquid financial instrument, you can trade from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

By downloading your dealer's mobile app, you can really stay in touch with the market and be able to trade at the rates that suit you best. Just sign up for the platform and enjoy all the benefits of trading binary options online.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

It is better for traders to start with a demo account to gain experience and prepare themselves for making a real deposit.

Demo account 

With a demo account, a beginner can learn without investing anything. You will be working in the very same trading platform you use to make trades in the real market. The thing is, as soon as you open such an account, a virtual sum is credited to it, which you can spend as if it were a real sum. By using charts and indicators for analysis, you will learn how to interpret the information you receive. You can choose your strategy and learn more about the platform without fear of losing capital.

A beginner trader can do exactly the same thing as on a real deposit:

  • View the price chart of the asset in real time;
  • Analyse the market (charts, events, news, etc.);
  • Make trades, resulting in positive or negative results;
  • Find and test strategies, select indicators for your trading, etc.

Real account 

Once you are ready for real trading, just make a deposit in your account and some details about yourself in your account, the system will tell you the next steps, it's easy. Be cautious when trading, because it's always a fraction of the risk. Start with a small, manageable amount and gradually build up your portfolio.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

If you are wondering what it means to be investing in binary options in Malaysia, one of the main aspects to consider is the security of the platform. You need to make sure that hackers cannot access your personal information and deposits, and that the trading platform is encrypted.

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