Cryptocurrency today has become a full-fledged part of the new modern financial world, attracting with its prospects not only numerous private investors, but also large business. The rules of the game in this rapidly growing market are becoming clearer and more transparent every year. But the volatility associated with digital currencies has not gone anywhere, and in order to make money in the foreign exchange market, you need to study all its features. Let's try to figure out what cryptocurrency is and how to work with it.

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is software code. She has no offline option. 

All digital money lives in the network space and is not backed by gold. Anyone who has the funds to buy special equipment can mine cryptocurrency, but there are restrictions on the mining of coins, so the rate of digital money should grow.

In the world of ordinary cash currency, things are different. The world's central banks periodically turn on the printing press at full capacity. This inevitably leads to inflation. The rates of world currencies are regulated by the states that issue this money. In the cryptocurrency world, everything is decentralized - there is no single control center. The speed of payments and the size of the fees for the transfer of cryptocurrencies are generally lower than in the fiat currency market.

Perhaps the most important advantage of the crypto world that attracts new users is anonymity. It is completely impossible to find out who was involved in the transaction. Of the minuses - the high volatility of the financial market and the impossibility of wide circulation of digital money in public life, although with the development of infrastructure, the situation is changing every day in favor of cryptocurrency.

The topic of today's review is investing in Aave in Malaysia. Should traders invest in Aave? How profitable is it? Read about it below.

AAVE is a promising cryptocurrency
AAVE is a promising cryptocurrency

The history of Aave

Recently, the topic of decentralized finance (DeFi) is very popular. The Aave Cryptocurrency Credit Protocol has been the subject of interest in this movement, and with good reason. Let's start with a simple question. What exactly is Aave? Aave (AAVE) is a decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform. In fact, it is the first DeFi lending protocol since the developers launched their first mainnet called ETHLend in 2017 (even before the concept of DeFi itself).

Aave is a very promising project. Compared to other DeFi lending protocols, it offers an arsenal of features and development tools to enable other developers to implement the same functionality in their own projects.

Aave created Stani Kulchov in 2017. Aave was born out of research into Ethereum to influence the traditional financial transaction system. Kulchov removed all technical obstacles that could restrict human use of the platform. At the time of creation, Aave was called ETHLend, and the token was LEND. From its initial coin offering (ICO), Aave has generated over $ 16 million. Kulchov set out to create a platform to connect both borrowers and lenders of cryptocurrencies.

Such borrowers will only be eligible if they meet the criteria for any loan proposal. In 2018, Kulchov made adjustments and rebranded ETHLend due to the financial impact of the year. This led to the birth of Aave in 2020.

When restarting Aave, a special money market function was used. He pioneered the implementation of a liquidity pool system that uses an algorithmic approach when calculating interest rates on crypto loans.

This system is set up to have higher interest rates for scarce assets and lower interest rates for surplus assets. The first condition is favorable to lenders and encourages them to make more contributions. However, the latter is a condition that allows borrowers to apply for additional loans.

Lending platform
Lending platform

How is Aave priced?

The cost of digital coins depends on many factors. But one way or another, everything depends on the ratio of supply and demand. If the interest in digital currency on the part of the buyer grows, then it becomes more expensive, and vice versa. Aave Virtual Coins are not high value coins. Aave developers do not consider it a priority for themselves to increase the value of their cryptocurrency in the electronic money market. Most financial analysts predicted that Aave's history would be short-lived, so investing in Aave is a waste of time and money. But despite the skeptical attitude, the Aave coin quickly became in demand in the market.

Since the total supply of Aave coins is limited, they show resistance to inflation and the demand for coins continues to grow.

Let's go back to the beginning of 2019. At the time, there was a larger spike in activity around Aave. By that time, the value of the coins had risen by 55%. Throughout the year, the cryptocurrency has demonstrated the stability of its rate. Small fluctuations were due to the Ethereum peg.

The 2020 global pandemic triggered a significant course correction. The panic in the market has led many investors to withdraw their assets from the credit pools in the Aave system.

Despite the current situation, the developers managed to convince investors of the reliability of Aave, and by the end of 2020, the value of the cryptocurrency had increased dramatically. A significant change took place at the beginning of 2021, when the rate increased by 30%.

Aave means
Aave means "ghost" in Finnish

What are the benefits of Aave?

  • Anyone can use it.
  • Technological advantage - simple transfer and verification of the authenticity of virtual coins while maintaining many of the advantages of cash.
  • Security, reliability: hacking, forging or performing other similar manipulations with Aave will not work - it is reliably protected.
  • Complete transparency of operations. Now, when checking balances on bank accounts, it is often possible to find small discrepancies in a smaller direction for the client. There is no such thing in cryptocurrencies. The commission, if any, is indicated prior to the transaction.
  • Absolute anonymity of users.

Where can you buy Aave?

With the purchase of Aave, you will have absolutely no problems. You can easily buy Aave in Malaysia on online trading platforms, which will provide you with a lot of useful and necessary tools, as well as information for fundamental and technical analysis of the financial market. Also, Aave is available on almost all major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Uniswap, Huobi, Bilaxy and others. To buy cryptocurrency, you can use Binance, the most popular crypto-fiat exchange.

How to invest in Aave in Malaysia?

Investing in cryptocurrency is an established trend of the current year. Choosing the right cryptocurrency is not an easy question. We, in turn, can offer an orientation on the following indicators:

  • expert opinion;
  • scope of application;
  • profitability;
  • capitalization.

If you are looking to expand your investment in cryptocurrency in Malaysia, you should consider AAVE. Aave is the largest DeFi project with a capitalization of almost $ 1 billion. Moreover, it is by far the most popular and fastest growing DeFi protocol.

Investing in AAVE cryptocurrency is very easy and simple! If you decide to invest in the AAVE in Malaysia cryptocurrency, you should decide on the choice of a trading platform and learn about its capabilities and functionality, and then choose a strategy for yourself. With a regulated brokerage platform, you have the ability to access AAVE tokens in the form of CFDs (Contracts for Difference). CFDs allow you to speculate on both rising and falling prices. The bottom line is that you don't need to own or store tokens. You will not need to search for a suitable AAVE wallet. All your actions are to specify your bid and select a buy order. This is how you can purchase AAVE via CFDs.

When you trade CFDs, you get the advantage of low fees and leverage. Leverage is the ratio between your personal funds and the borrowed funds that the broker provides you.

Should traders invest in Aave?

Investing in Aave is a good choice. Despite the initial resonance caused, the Aave project has demonstrated its efficiency and resistance to negative external factors affecting the system. Aave's reputation reaches new heights every day. User confidence is also growing. The use of currency is gaining momentum due to the large number of useful ways to implement it. The number of users who have linked their business to Aave is growing. Large online store chains accept digital currency, which allows it to develop further at a fast pace. The availability of digital currency is increasing.

Studying cryptocurrency and its advantages is the main task of an investor. Knowing the benefits of investing in Aave, you may already be thinking about the process of buying digital currency.

Experts predict the success of investing in Aave
Experts predict the success of investing in Aave

How to buy Aave right now?

Today, you can buy Aave in Malaysia both on the crypto exchange and on the trading platform. Below we will tell you how easy it is to set up a trade and get your first earnings on the Malaysia trading platform. You will spend very little time on this! To get started, you will need to go through a simple registration process, use a demo account if you wish, and then make your deposit.

By setting a budget for buying Aave, you will avoid unexpected losses.

How to register?

Have you chosen and are ready to use the best and most affordable Aave trading platform? Then follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the broker's website in the "registration" section.
  • After that a standard registration form will open. Enter your email (or mobile phone number) and come up with a password.
  • A letter will be sent to the specified e-mail. You need to complete the process and enter the activation code that you received by email into a special window.
Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

How do I open a demo account?

The trading platform offers to open a demo account. The demo account is designed for traders with entry-level knowledge and experience. So, novice traders can freely trade on a demo account without fear of losing their own funds. It has been credited with virtual money, which allows you to understand the principles of trading on the platform and master the basic strategies.

Demo accounts provide an opportunity to work in a training mode without real money, but at the same time to work out the chosen trading strategy with high quality.

To open a demo account, after registering on the platform, select trading in demo mode.

How to open account
How to open account

How do I open a real account?

After you have studied and tested the capabilities of the Malaysia trading platform, you can proceed to a live trading account. The procedure for opening a real account is very simple. Directly from the trading platform, you can send a request to open a real account for trading with real money. To do this, you will need to fill out a few simple forms with data about yourself, as well as provide documents confirming the identity and address of residence.

Select "open a live account" and then fill in the required details.

The trading platform allows you to quickly switch to replenishment of funds from a trading account on the broker's website. You can easily find these matching commands right on the platform. Reliable and advanced cryptocurrency trading platforms support debit / credit cards and even e-wallets like Paypal. Almost all investment platforms cooperate with reliable payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, electronic payment systems WebMoney, Perfect money and others.

You can replenish your deposit in just a couple of minutes - at any time convenient for you and anywhere!

Top-up your real account
Top-up your real account

How to withdraw money?

In your personal account, you can see your current account status. To withdraw funds - select the amount and method of withdrawal. These can be credit and debit card payments, bank transfers, e-wallet transfers. Withdrawing to a bank card is one of the most convenient and prompt ways to deposit and withdraw money from an account. After the application is completed, the money is transferred instantly! An important condition for a successful transaction is that the card must be verified to exclude cases of fraud.

Crypto experts predict that Aave will continue to grow in the future. 

The first indicator that Aave will grow is the rapidly growing market capitalization of the industry. The next indicator is related to the growing hype around the protocol. Many users glorify it and thus attract many investors to the protocol. Despite the fact that Aave has many competitors, there are high hopes for it.

Modern trading platforms are truly a reliable source of additional income. And your investment will pay off in case of a competent approach. Approach online trading wisely: use a good strategy, make correct predictions, use the right tools. It is also important to devote time to continuous learning and improving your skills.

Open a demo account today! It will allow you to learn how to trade. Then, after gaining experience, move on to real trading.

We hope our guide can help you make more profit! We wish you successful and profitable deals!

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