Modern technology makes it possible to do almost any activity over the internet. Shopping, booking tickets, taxis or hotels, ordering services, consulting, training - we can now do it all online. This saves us a great deal of time, and it also expands opportunities. Many routine processes that used to take up a lot of time and money are now automated and simplified.

Technological progress has also touched investment. A new trend has emerged - online trading with the help of online trading platforms. Online trading platforms replace the physical exchange in its classic sense of the Internet space.

Once logged in to the platform, the trader immediately has access to all the trades that he will make on his own, without having to call his broker. Whereas in the past you had to coordinate your work schedule with that of your broker to be able to conduct business meetings, and confirm any information or transactions by personal call, now everything is much simpler and more convenient. You simply sign up for an online trading platform, and you can carry out any transactions without even leaving your home or office. All you need is a computer (a tablet or a mobile phone), an Internet connection and a few dollars of start-up capital.

Nowadays the brokerage market is oversaturated with offers and brokerage companies are constantly improving the possibilities of trading platforms in order to gain trader's trust.

Nowadays, a trading platform is not just a "buy" and "sell" operation, but also a set of tools for high precision market analysis as well as for high-quality trading. Also advanced trading platforms offer the whole sections on training, market analysis from experts, news section, possibility to communicate with other traders and so on.

The topic of the current short review is advanced trading platform in Malaysia. Let's take a look at what options and features advanced online trading platforms provide.

Advanced trading platform in Malaysia
Advanced trading platform in Malaysia

Online trading platform

A trading platform is software, a fully digital product developed and provided by a brokerage company, which will give you access to all stock market transactions.

By choosing a trading platform, you are effectively choosing your online broker. Therefore, you should choose the brokerage company that provides the platform carefully.

When choosing a broker pay attention to the following things:

  • Reliability;
  • Reputation and experience;
  • Functionality;
  • Commissions.

When talking about reliability, we mean that the broker you choose must have all the necessary documents (licence and permits) required by Malaysian law to carry out intermediary activities in the stock market.

Find out what practical experience this brokerage company has on the market, how long it has been operating since, what kind of feedback the company has received. Reviews can be easily found on the Internet. Ask also the opinion of market experts who have a positive experience in trading online.

In addition to simple and easy registration and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, advanced trading platforms offer:

  • tools for fundamental analysis. Advanced trading platforms are equipped with a news section, market analysis section, statistical information about an asset, and an economic calendar;
  • tools for technical analysis. An advanced trading platform will provide you with around one hundred of the most popular technical analysis indicators;
  • flexible personal settings. The best technological developments implemented in such platforms will help customize the program according to your taste. When choosing a platform, be sure to take a look at the settings section and see what you can change if you wish. Advanced platforms allow you to change the colour palette and the type of chart, the general colour theme of the work screen, the location and size of the windows displayed on the screen and their number, and even the keyboard shortcuts for faster and more comfortable work.

Below we take a closer look at some of the most important features of advanced trading platforms.

Simple registration

Despite all the functionality of advanced trading platforms, registering on such platforms is easy and straightforward. Go to the website of the brokerage company, find the "registration" option, click on it and fill in the form that opens. All you have to do is type in your user name and email. After that, an automatic link will be sent to the specified email address to confirm registration in the system - activate your account on the platform by clicking on the link. After these simple manipulations your account on the platform is ready and you can log in and start working.

In addition, advanced trading platforms offer registration with a social network account - you will see the corresponding icons at the bottom of the registration form.

Simple registration
Simple registration

Of course, an advanced trading platform is available in a mobile app. That said, the mobile app is an exact copy of the desktop version and allows you to perform all the same operations as the PC version of the software. Downloading the mobile application as well as registering to the mobile version of the program is no different from the usual registration.

Important: Use only official sources to download the application. You can install the software on your gadget using the link from the broker's official website, or you can download the application from the official playmarket on your device.

Advanced trading platforms offer instant data synchronisation across all your apps. You can open a trade in the desktop version and close it via the mobile app, or vice versa.  The same applies to all other transactions.

If it is sufficient to provide a minimum set of details when registering, when withdrawing funds the system may ask for additional verification to confirm your identity. Usually such additional details are scanned copies of your identification documents (or any other options the system specifies). These are security measures to ensure the safety of your funds. Thanks to the automatic prompts of the system you will easily cope with this task as well.

Use only official sources to download the application
Use only official sources to download the application

Demo account

All advanced trading platforms come with a demo account. 

A demo account is a test version of a real account, and is designed to allow you to practice trading on the platform for free. 

By clicking on the "open demo account" option you will automatically receive a certain amount of dummy funds into this account to allow you to make test trades. Try opening a trade, and connect the stop loss or multiplier function. A demo account works exactly like a real account, except that you will not risk any real money and you cannot withdraw money from it, of course.

All the quotes you will see when you make a test trade are real. Also, all the same tools are available for a test account as for a real one. So you can explore all the features of the platform, and you can practice your skills by using this account.

There is no time limit on using the demo account, and the dummy amount can be resumed if necessary.

Test your skills with a demo account
Test your skills with a demo account

Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods

In order to start real trading and be able to make real profit, you will need to activate a live account. This account is already created automatically by the system, and for it to become active, you just need to deposit it in any way that is convenient for you from those offered by the system.

Click on "Deposit" and check the options available on the platform to fund your live account. Advanced trading platforms offer several ways to fund your account, as well as partner with well-known and secure online payment systems. You can also make a deposit using a bank card. You should choose a convenient way to deposit money, activate your real account and start trading.

You can withdraw money from your account using the same methods.

At this stage, pay attention to the deposit and withdrawal limits, as they vary from platform to platform.

Remember that online trading involves the risk of losing money, so if you are just starting out, start with small amounts. Caution, prudence and a well-thought-out strategy will help you avoid unnecessary risks.

Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods
Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods

Good choice of financial instruments

With advanced trading platforms, you will be able to access different financial instruments. For each financial instrument, the platform will offer the necessary and very convenient tools for analysis and trading. Choose one of the offered financial instruments or combine trading on several markets - the choice is yours.

The most popular choices for trading are:

  • Equities. Advanced trading platforms allow you to trade CFDs on shares of well-known companies, speculating on their value;
  • Binary options. All you have to do is make a correct price prediction of the asset and you can earn up to 85% profit in just a few minutes;
  • Cryptocurrency market. Invest in currency of the future today! One of the most popular financial markets among traders;
  • Forex. Choose to trade popular currency pairs or trade exotic currencies. The high volatility of the market makes it easy to profit from exchange rate fluctuations;
  • Commodity markets. Invest in oil, gold, silver or other commodities offered on the platform;
  • ETF funds. Ready-made asset portfolios to diversify your profits are convenient and reliable.

Let us take a closer look at the specifics of trading in the above financial markets and what technical features advanced trading platforms offer for each individual market.

Equity market

Advanced online platforms allow you to trade shares of successful market giants such as General Motors, Baidu, Microsoft or Apple. By trading derivatives, such as CFDs, you can speculate on the value of stocks without having to own them.

An advanced trading platform is sure to contain complete and comprehensive information on the asset of your choice: current stock price, trading schedule, and statistical data. On quality platforms, you will find a "market analysis" section with an overview of the stock market and a news section with links to the major economic and political news at home and around the world. In addition, you will have the opportunity to make your own stock market analysis using various built-in indicators. On advanced platforms you will find a huge range of indicators for technical analysis - activate the one you want by simply selecting it from the drop-down list. The indicator chart is automatically overlaid on top of the price chart of the asset, giving you a clear visual picture of what is happening in the market and helping you make accurate price predictions.

When trading stocks, different alerts for rising or falling prices are used, which can be set up by advanced platforms. You can also use the pending order and multiplier functions, which are discussed below.

Invest in shares of popular companies
Invest in shares of popular companies

Options Trading

Binary options are one of the most frequently traded financial instruments. The ability to make significant profits, the relative technical ease of opening a deal, high profits - all this makes binary options very popular.

Advanced trading platforms offer a wide range of assets for options trading - these can be options for stocks, commodities, currencies. You will have access to information about the asset, indicators for analysis and the ability to create alerts. In addition, pay attention to the expiration time - on advanced platforms, a good selection of trade options is available in terms of duration, from a few minutes to several hours or even a day.

Binary options trading
Binary options trading

Forex Trading

Advanced platforms for online Forex trading will offer you the opportunity to trade popular currency pairs, or choose exotic currencies.

The advanced trading platform will provide you with everything you need to trade high-quality currencies, from access to fundamental research related to the foreign exchange market, to analyzing current news events or performing technical analysis of currency pairs on charts.

The presence of indicators widely used in Forex trading, as well as a Forex calendar, will help you predict the market situation and plan your actions.

Choose a chart type, create an alert about a rise or fall in the price of a currency, use a multiplier - all these functions will be available to you on an advanced trading platform.

Forex Trading
Forex Trading

Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market, despite periodic crashes and difficult predictability, remains one of the most watched financial markets by investors. Many economists are inclined to believe that in the future paper money will disappear altogether and will be replaced by electronic money, that is, the essence of money will remain unchanged, but its form will change: money will move into the sphere of virtual reality. The place of cryptocurrencies in modern monetary theory is still being debated, but in practice, virtual cash is becoming the currency of the world economy and its financial markets.

What do advanced trading platforms offer in online cryptocurrency trading?

A good choice of cryptocurrency, the ability to set stop loss and take profit, the ability to use a multiplier to connect leverage, create an automatic notification of price changes, select a chart type, use indicators for analysis.

Cryptocurrency Market
Cryptocurrency Market

Online Commodity Trading

Investing in commodities has always been popular in the classic investment option. Commodity markets are markets in which certain types of goods or raw materials are traded, which are formed into separate commodity groups, such groups include non-ferrous metals (copper, tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, nickel), precious metals (gold, silver, platinum ), energy resources (oil, gas, fuel oil, coal), forest products and a whole group of agricultural products of plant and animal origin (meat, dairy products, wheat, sugar, coffee, cocoa, rice, corn, soybeans).

Advanced trading platforms offer trading in the commodity market. As a rule, the most popular areas are investing in gold or oil. Quality and reliable platforms offer you a concise analysis of each commodity so you can choose the best investment option. Of course, the advanced commodity trading platform will give you full access to all the necessary analysis and trading tools we have mentioned above many times.

Commodity Trading
Commodity Trading

ETF Investing

In simple words, an ETF is a basket of stocks collected according to some characteristic. Those. By buying a share of an ETF, you are actually buying shares in all of the companies that make up the ETF. By purchasing ETF stocks, you can invest in company stocks and bonds, real estate, commodities, currencies, and more. Today there are about 6,000 ETFs.

Advanced trading platforms have a good selection of ETF funds, allowing you to choose the sector of your interest to invest in. Get acquainted with the statistics of the selected fund, study the ETF analysis offered by the platform, apply indicators and analyze the development of the sector for your own forecast - an advanced trading platform will help you in all this.

ETF Investing
ETF Investing

Advanced trading analytics software

Investing is not always easy. Advanced platforms make investments easier and more efficient with intuitive analysis tools.

Depending on which investment method you choose, fundamental or technical analysis will help you predict the market situation.

The basis of fundamental analysis is the study of all factors of the macroeconomic life of society, which significantly affect the dynamics of prices of basic basic goods, securities and currencies. Fundamental analysis should provide for the main directions of the dynamics of changes in the market price, or, as financial analysts call this phenomenon, trends. That is, fundamental analysis includes both the economic assessment of the company's activities, the situation in the economic sector, and natural phenomena, world economic news, political news, and even natural phenomena. Modern platforms are equipped with a news department, with the help of which you will have access to valuable up-to-date information on the latest market developments and thus be able to make a correct assessment and forecast. 

Use the news section of the platform for fundamental analysis
Use the news section of the platform for fundamental analysis

Technical analysis is a collection of tools that investors use to predict value. With it, you can predict the future value of any asset: currencies, stocks, futures, commodities, fixed income securities.

The main task of technical analysis is to track trading signals. Having collected enough statistics about the past behavior of the asset, we can assume what will happen to it in the future. Experienced traders use this tool to identify transitions between trends in the market. Indicators of technical analysis that are available on the platform help traders to determine this or that trend. It is easy to use them - just select the required indicator on the toolbar and activate it. The indicator chart is displayed on top of the asset price fluctuation chart, showing a clear market trend. Advanced platforms allow you to use one or more indicators at the same time, combining them in any variation.

Technical analysis indicators
Technical analysis indicators

Convenient trading tools

Another distinguishing feature of advanced trading platforms is the abundance of convenient and useful trading tools.

The most popular among traders are the so-called stop orders.

A stop order is an order for a broker to close a trade when certain price levels are reached.

That is, you can set transaction limits, upon reaching which your transaction will be automatically closed by the broker, without your participation.

You can define an upper limit, known as a take profit, at which a trade will be closed when the price rises to a specified level. Take profit is used when there is an assumption that the price of an asset may rise to a certain level, but there are fears that such a trend will not last long and you will not have time to "catch" it. Or the trader will not follow the chart at this moment.

The lower limit of the transaction, or stop loss, is set to indicate the maximum level of decline in the price of an asset, upon reaching which the transaction must be closed in order not to incur significant losses. Thus, the trader can secure a little bit of security in their transactions.

Use of stop orders
Use of stop orders

Other benefits of advanced trading platforms

In addition to all the above advantages, advanced online investment platforms also offer you the ability to customize the program for yourself using flexible settings. Going to the "settings" section, you can immediately assess how well you can adapt the trading software to your own needs. Advanced trading software allows you to select the color scheme of the background and charts, the number of windows displayed on the screen, the size and position of these windows, the types of chart display (candles, lines, bars, Heikin-Ashi), and even customize keyboard shortcuts for quick execution of certain commands.

Setting the type and colour palette of the quote chart
Setting the type and colour palette of the quote chart

On advanced trading platforms, you will find a learning section with quality video tutorials. The study of video lessons, backed up by practical experience on a demo account, will help you quickly understand the principles of trading.

On advanced platforms, online chat is available to communicate with other market participants. The exchange of practical information, trading advice will be useful to every trader, especially a beginner.

Of course, the technical support service on such platforms is available 24/7 and it is possible to choose a convenient language of communication.

By following these characteristics, you will be able to choose the best trading platform in Malaysia and start successfully in online trading. Open a demo account today and try to evaluate the quality of the software yourself - it's completely free!

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