Poloniex Crypto Derivatives - How to trade?

Poloniex is the cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014 by the Tristan D'Agosta company in the USA. Initially was based in the State of Delaware in Wilmington. In 2018 Poloniex took the 14th place in the world among the crypto exchanges on sales volume, and managed to involve traders from around the world. Opportunities for work are very large, 464 trading pairs are available on the exchange.

It is possible to tell with confidence that Poloniex was among the cryptocurrency companies which established standards of the modern centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Many functions provided by this platform became obligatory.

Initially the activity of Poloniex was focused on the American users, but over time was expanded on a more extensive circle, attracting assets and Asian regions.

Poloniex as the international company tries to cover all the clients worldwide, adding everything modern and modern languages of the interface.  

Trade with the trusted Poloniex exchange
Trade with the trusted Poloniex exchange

Development of post-industrial society caused the need for new financial instruments of stock exchange trading that led to emergence of such trading instruments as the derivative. The derivative is the agreement between the trading parties, about obligations to an underlying asset. In this case, the cryptocurrency acts as an asset.

Poloniex offers the users an opportunity to earn from a change in value of underlying assets, that is, to trade in derivatives. The seller and the buyer are not owners of assets, and only exchange the right to agreement performance.

Poloniex cryptocurrency derivatives trading is the agreement between the buyer and the seller for the future cost of a crypto asset. Trade in Poloniex derivatives in Malaysia is simple, and is conducted by placement of the long or short trade according to expectations of the trader expecting growth or reduction in price of an asset. TRY IT NOW!

What are crypto derivatives? 

Poloniex derivatives trading is divided into 2 types: futures and swaps.


Poloniex crypto futures in Malaysia are a type of transaction whose cornerstone is deferred payment. The sense of such a contract consists of the price of the future contract is established at present. At such a price, the underlying asset will be sold by the owner and purchased by that person who is interested in it today. Such contracts are obligatory for both parties concerned. Therefore, the losing party is obliged to pay unprofitable conditions for itself. The agreement in advance on future price, guarantees systematic business development and reduces financial risks.

In 2020 Poloniex started bitcoin futures. The system uses termless swaps, however, in fact, it is the same futures contracts only without repayment period. In other words, traders will be able independently to choose when to open for them and to close the positions, without caring that the contract can expire.

Not so long ago, new contracts appeared on Poloniex Futures. Termless futures for Monero (XMR) are already open for the stock exchange trading!

In many respects also, as you trade in other futures contracts on Poloniex, XMR Futures include:

  • Leverage to 50x;
  • Low commissions: you pay less, no matter on what party of the transaction you are;
  • Trading via the website, the mobile application and through API;
  • Access to tool kit for connection of API in only a few minutes.

Poloniex crypto futures trading looks simple, as you only need to predict the value of the contract in the future. But practical trading differs from theory in various factors, the presence of an intermediary and major players, all this must be taken into account.

What is swap?

Interest rate swaps or currency swaps are derivative tools, contracts which are usually signed by large banks and financial institutions for risk reduction, stabilization of cash flows, assets and liabilities. Swaps are seldom used by ordinary investors.

Use a functional trading terminal
Use a functional trading terminal

Swaps can be useful, for example, if one party owns the bond on which the variable interest rate is paid, and another party owns the bond on which the fixed interest rate is paid. They can use a swap for exchange of interest payments on bonds.

One more capability of swaps consists in an opportunity to reduce the probability of the strong movement of currency.

In the process of increase in demand for not custodian services and projects of DeFi at the exchange, JustSwap was started. This is the first decentralized protocol based on the TRON blockchain that allows you to instantly exchange TRC-20 coins without commission. Users can provide to the exchange liquidity, receiving for it the commission. For use of JustSwap through the browser Tronlink expansion, it is not necessary even to connect a purse.

How to register on Poloniex ? 

Registration at the Poloniex derivatives trading platform is intuitively simple, difficulties shall not arise. For registration, it is necessary to press the Sign-Up button and to fill a form with e-mail and the password. After filling out the registration form, the letter for confirmation comes to email. For increase in level of security, for an entrance to the exchange it is possible to connect two-factor authentication.

Register and start trading today
Register and start trading today

How to withdraw money 

On Poloniex there are 3 levels of the confirmed accounts. The quantity of the means removed in a day depends on the level of the account. For the first level it is enough to enter the email address, a name, a surname and to enter the country of accommodation, it will be enough for a conclusion of 2000 dollars a day. For obtaining the second level of verification it is necessary to fill in a page of personal data, also to enter the address, the phone number, the scan of documents and to take a selfie. At this level it will be possible to remove means in an equivalent of, 25000 dollars. If you need to remove more means, then it is necessary to contact the administration of Poloniex.

Withdrawal of funds at this site is available only to those users who passed ID Verification (verification of the user by means of verification of its documents). Besides, consider that Poloniex takes the fixed withdrawal of funds commission — it depends on a type of the removed cryptocurrency.

How to deposit funds on Poloniex 

To make a deposit on Poloniex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform  press the button a deposit, choose cryptocurrency in which you want to make a deposit. The reference which will need to be entered in the crypto purse or the exchange for account replenishment will be created. The widespread error of introduction of the created address of one cryptocurrency for replenishment of another, it can lead to loss of a deposit. For account replenishment, it is possible to use the QR code also.

It is possible to get on the exchange directly only cryptocurrencies, and methods of payment are bank cards and accounts.

The input and output of fiat funds was carried out by conversion. After entering the exchange, the fiat is converted into a stablecoin from a separate company Circle USD Coin (USDC), which are then used for various transactions on the exchange.

In some currencies, there is a certain minimum which can be learned when pressing the Deposit button of concrete currency.

How does Poloniex crypto derivatives trading work? 

After passing of verification, there is an opportunity to use leverage. The amount of the borrowing facilities available to trade operations is by default 2.5 times more than a mortgage deposit.

When opening the account on Poloniex the user receives three purses:

  • exchange;
  • margin;
  • lending.

The first purse is intended for the usual trade, the second for credit (marginal), and the third gives the chance to render credit services to other users.

Poloniex derivatives list 

The Poloniex crypto exchange offers a complete list of the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Monero, etc. Poloniex cryptocurrency derivatives bargain in a wide range of pairs. All main channels – plastic cards, bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets are available to input-output. 

Popular assets for trading
Popular assets for trading

Other Features

Among features of the exchange, it is possible to note the friendly interface and technical simplicity of its own point-of-sale terminal. By results of tests, the terminal is equally stable and convenient both in web option, and in mobile. Do not differ in functionality of the version. The website of the Poloniex company is also adapted for mobile devices so that users could study news and analytics in the mode of mobile trading.

ANOTHER ADVANTAGE - three opportunities for passive income at once. A trader can provide their funds for staking, there is P2P lending and a standard one-level referral program.

Lending is the tool for those who at the exchange prefer to trade a passive income. Here it is possible to issue the offer on issue of a loan under percent. Crediting in Poloniex is possible only in one currency – in Bitcoin. Previously, it needed to be transferred to the Lending account balance on the Transfer Balances page.

Earn money anywhere with the mobile app
Earn money anywhere with the mobile app

All clients of Poloniex irrespective of verification can take part in the referral program. For a start, it is necessary to attract acquaintances interested in trading on the platform. That those were considered as the user's referrals, they shall be registered according to the personal reference of the one who invited them.

From the commission of each referral, the client of the company earns a reward of 20%. Participants of the network, meanwhile, also receive a cashback of 10% of the commission.

Bonuses are charged to users daily. The quantity of referrals in the network is not limited, however, means will be charged to clients for 180 days or till the moment until one of them earns in total 5,000 USDC.


As for trade, the commissions of Poloniex are one of the lowest in the industry. Poloniex levies from users a payment for placement of spot and marginal transactions and also for money withdrawal in cryptocurrency.

The schedule of the commission for trade on Poloniex is quite simple. The commission which you pay for the transaction depends on whether on the party you are a buyer or the producer, and also from your 30-day trade volume. VIP clients who get on the levels Poloniex Plus Silver, Gold or the market maker pay 0% for transactions of the maker and less than 0.04% for the performed orders of a taker.

As for deposits and money withdrawal, Poloniex levies to nobody a payment for introduction of cryptocurrency. In spite of the fact that no fiat currency can be deposited, removed or purchased on the platform, all of you can equally use the stablecoin tied to fiat currency in the transactions. The payment for money withdrawal will be levied from clients, though they are established by the network of each traded cryptocurrency.

For example, a conclusion of bitcoins costs 0.0005 BTC that makes Poloniex one of the cheapest exchanges for processing of a conclusion.


In spite of the fact that at the beginning of its existence Poloniex underwent loud breaking, he recovered, and today it is considered a reliable exchange in terms of security.

After breaking the CEO of Poloniex Tristan D'Agosta wrote:

"After breaking we introduced permanent automatic audits of all exchanges, increased security of all servers and changed the method of processing of teams, so the exploit similar to that which was used in March was impossible".

Poloniex one of the first large cryptocurrency exchanges, is provided a large number of trade pairs here, there is a two-stage authentication, the simple and convenient interface, high liquidity, low commission costs – 0 and 0.25%, available tools of analytics and the technical analysis, the system of chats and a thematic news feed, the mobile application, convenient withdrawal of funds. In the recent past, its daily trade turnover reached 1 billion dollars. 

Poloniex is the exchange which adequately and truthfully does the duties before participants of the exchange auction, measuredly paying them means, keeping track of correctness of work of payment systems, ensuring safety. Choosing this exchange is, undoubtedly, the fine choice for trade in cryptocurrency today, it has high ratings and a serious reputation.

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