What is Huobi Global? 

Huobi Globalis is a crypto exchange that allows users to exchange and speculate cryptocurrencies, tokens, and also engage in margin trading in digital asset futures. The work of the international company Huobi started back in 2013. The cryptocurrency exchange allows traders to carry out transactions with a variety of assets, including more than 300 currency pairs and cross rates.

Among cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi Global is distinguished by many trading instruments, of which there are more than 300 in the company. Trading is carried out in several formats: it is possible to trade on the web platform built into the user's personal account, as well as trade from mobile devices through the Huobi Global application. The company also periodically runs promotions that involve financial rewards to participants.

What is Huobi Global?
What is Huobi Global?

An important advantage of Huobi Global is support for about 2 dozen languages. The platform also supports the Malay language. Therefore, when trading on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia, you will have no language problems.

It is much more convenient to trade Huobi Global crypto derivatives in Malaysia in your native language.

The Huobi trading terminal has good functionality: clients can build a variety of charts, choose time intervals, and use a rich set of options to customize charts. The available technical indicators in terms of their functionality are practically not inferior in capabilities to the tools of the well-known trading terminal MT4.

Traders can place market and limit trades. The site provides a wide range of information regarding open orders, transaction history, market depth. Collectively, customers can analyze in detail the current state of the market.

What are crypto derivatives? 

The derivative is defined as a financial agreement between two or more parties who want to buy or sell a basic asset at a fixed price in the future.

The cost of the contract will be determined by changes in the price of the basic asset. Dedicated contracts can have in the quality of the base asset everything that pleases: ordinary currencies, cryptocurrencies, tokens, bonds, stocks and specialties.

Derivatives can be sold in two ways: through the stock exchange or the consumer-to-consumer system - C2C. The last method has its own differences related to the normative legal regulation and trade.

In the cryptoindustry, industrial financial instruments are becoming more and more popular, especially bitcoin futures contracts. Therefore, many exchanges offer their users the ability to trade derivatives. Huobi Global also provides the ability to trade cryptocurrency derivatives.

During habitual cryptocurrency trading, a trader has several options.

One of them, he can only earn money in one way - buy cheaper and sell more expensive when the asset rises in price. Derivatives provide an opportunity to make money not only on growth, but also on a fall in prices.

Another one, the trader's profit in normal trading is limited by the capital available to him. If it is small, then you will be able to earn a little. Derivatives make it possible to trade with leverage.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform
Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform

What is crypto derivatives exchange?

The Crypto derivatives exchange is an exchange that offers traders the ability to trade both the spot market and derivatives. Also available for trading Huobi Global derivatives.

Available on Huobi Global derivatives trading leveraged. This significantly expands the opportunities for traders to make a profit, but also increases the risks.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work? 

Trading cryptocurrency derivatives does not differ from trading derivatives on classic trading instruments. At the same time, trading in derivatives differs significantly from trading in the spot market.

You can enter both long and short positions when trading derivatives. This greatly expands the possibilities of using various trading strategies.

Also, when trading derivatives, exchanges offer leverage. If used correctly, this tool can significantly increase the profit from trading.

How to start crypto derivatives trading on Huobi Global?
How to start crypto derivatives trading on Huobi Global?

How to trade Huobi Global derivatives in Malaysia? 

You should register to trade on Huobi Global Derivatives in Malaysia. However, the Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform supports Malaysia, so registration should be easy.

You can register an account on Huobi through your mailbox or phone number. You can also register on the exchange through the Huobi mobile app.

When registering an account by phone or Email, you must wait for the confirmation code and enter it on the registration page. This completes the registration.

As you can see, Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform is not a difficult platform. The registration process is very simple. You can easily register in your native language and trade with Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia.

How to open a demo account? 

Demo Account offers traders  a good  learning and training opportunity before starting to invest real money in Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading. Only after achieving a positive result can you switch from a demo account to a real account.

Also, new investors may need a demo account when testing new functionality without risks, for example, margin trading. Experienced traders may use a demo account to improve  trading strategies or test algorithms for trading bots.

Such accounts bring great benefits if used correctly.

At the same time, even if the test of a trading strategy on a demo account has been successfully passed, one should remember that success in the past does not guarantee a similar result in the future.

Huobi Global derivatives trading is also available on a demo account. Shortly after registering an account on the Huobi Global derivatives trading platform, you can start using a demo account. This is a great advantage as not all exchanges provide demo accounts.

Huobi Global offers bonuses for new customers
Huobi Global offers bonuses for new customers

How to open a real account? 

A real account on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform will be opened immediately after registering an account and passing the identification procedure.

To go through the identification procedure, you will need to indicate the number of your passport (or other identity document), Name, Surname and upload a screen of your identity document.

The identification procedure takes 24 hours. Once your identification is complete, you will be able to trade Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia.

How to replenish a deposit? 

An important advantage of the Huobi Global derivatives trading platform over its competitors is that the exchange allows you to directly fund your trading account using bank cards.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges do not deal directly with fiat money. Huobi Global works with bank transfers and credit cards. You can also fund your account with a credit card at MYR. As you can see, it is very convenient to work with Huobi crypto derivatives in Malaysia.

Huobi Global  works with bank transfers and credit cards and offers withdraw fiat money to a bank account
Huobi Global works with bank transfers and credit cards and offers withdraw fiat money to a bank account

Minimum deposit amount 

The minimum deposit at Huobi Global depends on the deposit method and the deposit currency of the trading account. In US dollars, the minimum deposit is 100. There is no maximum deposit limit.

To replenish your account, you must go through the KYC procedure.

How to withdraw money? 

On Huobi Global, you can not only fund your account in local currency, but also withdraw your local currency. Trading on Huobi Global derivatives in Malaysia makes it easy to withdraw your profits in MYR.

In this case, you need to know that the exchange sets certain minimum amounts for withdrawal. This amount depends on the currency. For example in US dollars, the minimum withdrawal is 1000.

You can only withdraw fiat money to a bank account. Therefore, if you decide to trade on Huobi Global Derivatives in Malaysia, please check with your bank details.

To withdraw funds, you must click the “withdraw” button. Next, you need to specify the bank account details and the withdrawal amount.

The withdrawal request must be reviewed manually. It will be completed within 1 hour after the withdrawal is initiated. Bank transfers will be processed in real time after verification is complete. The time the bank receives the amount depends on the processing time of the transfer between banks.

Other withdrawal methods are also available on the platform.

Huobi Global trading platform offers crypto derivatives products
Huobi Global trading platform offers crypto derivatives products

Huobi Global derivatives list 

A huge number of derivatives are available on the Huobi Global platform. More than 300 pairs in total. A complete list of instruments can be found on the website of the trading platform.

How does Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading work? 

Once you register and fund your account, you can start on Huobi Global derivatives trading. However, Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading is available using leverage. The leverage depends on the selected instrument.

Alternatives to Huobi Global cryptocurrency derivatives 

In addition to Huobi Global derivatives in Malaysia, trading is available on other exchanges. Now the competition in this market segment is very strong. Binance, OKEx and other sites offer similar functionality.

Nevertheless, Huobi Global competes successfully in this market. This is why many users choose Huobi crypto derivatives in Malaysia to trade.

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has a good multi-layer security system. A multi-level authentication system significantly increases the security and safety of your funds.

Also, unlike other exchanges, Huobi crypto derivatives trading platform boasts good technical support. The technical support of the exchange is always in touch. She quickly answers questions and helps with problem solving. You can contact the managers by phone, email, Telegram messenger or using the application form on the website.

Huobi Global platform offers  trading with crypto futures
Huobi Global platform offers trading with crypto futures

Huobi Global cryptocurrency derivatives FAQ:

What is derivatives Huobi? 

A huge number of derivatives are available on Huobi Global. A complete and up-to-date list is presented on the official website of the project.

To start trading Huobi Global derivatives in Malaysia, you need to register an account.

Yes. The platform offers a wide range of derivatives.

Derivatives on Huobi Global are swaps, perpetual swaps, futures and options on cryptocurrency.

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