What is Digifinex? 

The DigiFinex exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform that currently has over 4 million users worldwide. This digital coin trading platform offers perpetual swaps, buying digital coins with a credit card, and leveraged trading.

With user-friendly features and a growing number of traders, it is in the top 20 in terms of liquidity and trading volume on the Coinmarketcap website.

The exchange is headquartered in Singapore, one of the important markets for cryptocurrencies, and the office is registered in the Seychelles. It is one of six exchanges registered in the Seychelles.

The platform currently offers a very wide selection of cryptocurrency pairs that traders can actively trade.

The exchange also has its own DigiFinex token, which helps with coin trading.

The platform was originally primarily focused on the Asian market, but now the platform website has been translated into more than 10 of the most popular languages.

DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

What are crypto derivatives? 

What do you need to know before using crypto derivatives is that they are as highly volatile assets as cryptocurrencies, and should only be used after careful study of the instruments themselves and how they work.

Crypto derivatives is a generalized name for futures contracts (derivative financial instruments) in which cryptocurrency rates are the underlying asset. Most of these contracts are settlement contracts, that is, they do not involve the actual sending of tokens, but only provide an opportunity to profit from the growth of the coin rate. 

This can really be of interest to speculative traders and aggressive investors due to the high volatility in the crypto market.

The first launch of a cryptocurrency derivative took place in 2017 on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CME). It launched trading in standard bitcoin futures. Since February 2021, Ethereum futures have been traded there, and since May, Micro Bitcoin Futures with an underlying asset of 1/10 BTC.

This makes it possible to invest your capital in crypto assets without a real exchange for tokens, work with wallets, and security concerns. Private investors can access them by opening a brokerage account with a foreign broker providing access to the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Also, futures contracts are available on almost all major crypto exchanges. Contracts are concluded for the rates of most of the listed cryptocurrencies in pairs with fiat currencies or other tokens.

Cryptocurrency derivatives are now offered by brokerage companies. Cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs) are available from almost any major broker.

These tools continue to be very popular among traders, especially when the market is in a prolonged decline. After all, derivatives can be traded both for purchase and for sale.

DigiFinex trading room
DigiFinex trading room

What is crypto derivatives exchange? 

These are platforms where you can trade derivatives for digital money. Also available on DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading. Therefore, this platform can also be called a crypto derivatives exchange.

How to trade DigiFinex derivatives in Malaysia 

To start on DigiFinex derivatives in Malaysia, you need to register on the platform. We will discuss the registration process in detail below.

Immediately after registration, the user gets the opportunity to replenish the account and start on DigiFinex derivatives in Malaysia.

How to register on DigiFinex trading platform?
How to register on DigiFinex trading platform?

How to register? 

Registration will not cause difficulties for the user and you can choose 2 options:

  • via email
  • using a mobile phone

The data must be entered correctly, since after entering it, it will be necessary to verify it using the additional code sent. Next, you need to come up with a password and complete the registration, agreeing to the terms of the site. In the future, each time you log in, the user will be asked for a verification code.

After completing the registration process, you get access to DigiFinex derivatives trading.

How to open a demo account? 

The DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchange has a demo trading where you can try out various strategies without the risk of losing assets.

 It should be noted that not all exchanges provide a demo account function. DigiFinex has this feature.

The user will be able to try trading on a demo account immediately after registering the main account.

Deposit on DigiFinex platform
Deposit on DigiFinex platform

How to deposit funds on DigiFinex? 

You can fund your trading account and start trading on DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia both from the official website and from the mobile application.

To replenish your account from the site, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the official DigiFinex website in your browser and click "Deposit".
  • Select the currency you want to deposit and click "Copy Wallet Address".
  • Switch to the interface of the platform from which you will deposit funds and "transfer funds to the generated address.

Everything. The deposit is replenished and you can start DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia.

Minimum deposit amount 

The platform has different minimum deposit sizes depending on the cryptocurrency you use to fund your account.

Be careful because replenishing your account with an amount less than the established limit will lead to the loss of funds.

The size of the minimum deposit will be indicated on the site after choosing the cryptocurrency in which you are going to replenish the deposit.

Advantages of  DigiFinex trading platform
Advantages of DigiFinex trading platform

How to withdraw money? 

Unlike its competitors, DigiFinex derivatives trading platform has achieved basic automatic coin withdrawal processing. Users can withdraw coins from APP official website or PC. Approximately 10 minutes after the confirmation of the block, the tokens will be automatically transferred to the account.

Agree, it is very convenient. You can trade on DigiFinex crypto derivatives in Malaysia and withdraw profit from your account within 10 minutes.

Before withdrawing funds, you will need to install a 2-factor authenticator.

To withdraw funds from the DigiFinex derivatives trading platform, follow these steps:

  • Open the official DigiFinex website in your browser and click "Withdraw".
  • Click "Add Withdrawal Address".
  • Enter the address and click "Submit".
  • Enter the amount, confirmation code and click Submit.
  • Enter the 2FA code and 10 minutes after the confirmation of the block, the coins will be automatically transferred to the account.

As you can see, the platform provides very interesting conditions for DigiFinex crypto derivatives in Malaysia and withdrawals. Not many exchanges can boast of automatic withdrawal of funds. This feature is available on the DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading platform.

DigiFinex derivatives list 

The platform provides a fairly large list of derivatives for trading. New tools are added regularly. Therefore, it is best to familiarize yourself with the current list of tools in detail on the official website of the project.

DigiFinex derivatives list
DigiFinex derivatives list

How does DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading work? 

To proceed directly to DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading, you need to go to the Exchange tab. After that, the trading terminal window opens before the user.

The trading interface can be called comfortable and extensive. The trading platform is integrated with TradingView, so a trader will have enough tools for technical analysis.

The graph itself is located in the center of the screen. To the left of it is a trading pair selection window, which allows you to quickly switch between different instruments. On the right side there is an exchange glass and up-to-date information about executed orders.

Directly below the chart there is a form for filling orders. The exchange supports several types of orders, which are traditionally divided into limit and market orders. Available orders are enough for comfortable trading. There are also stop orders and take orders. Most active traders use stop orders in trading, which help not only to reduce losses in the event of an unexpected market reversal, but also effectively protect the profit already received on an open transaction. Therefore, the functionality of the DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading platform should appeal to traders.

DigiFinex ecosystem
DigiFinex ecosystem

DigiFinex Security 

For the entire period of operation of the exchange, not a single public case of successful hacking of this trading platform by hackers has been recorded. 

This already speaks of the reliability of the DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform.

The approach to security on this exchange is up to the mark. Each time the user enters the account, the user will have to enter the verification code sent to the phone or e-mail, depending on the selected registration method. The password comes right away.

In addition, in the personal account, the client must enable 2FA, otherwise trading will not be available.

Try DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading
Try DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading

Alternatives to DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives 

Trading on DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia is not a bad option for both an experienced trader and a beginner. Many will surely like the automatic withdrawal feature. Frankly, not many companies can provide such a function.

It is also convenient to trade on the DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. The terminal interface is clear and complies with current market standards.

However, if for some reason the DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform did not suit you, you can easily find an alternative.

Now there is a lot of competition among exchanges in the market. Many platforms will be able to offer you similar features and a set of trading tools. At the same time, the trading platforms of most exchanges do not differ very much from each other, so you will not have problems with the transition and adaptation to a new platform.

The most likely alternatives are usually market leaders such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, and others.

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