Delta Exchange is a reliable and efficient platform 

Today, an increasing number of investors prefer Delta Exchange derivatives in Malaysia due to the specific set of benefits they offer.

The Delta Exchange derivatives trading platform supports derivatives trading on futures, swaps, options, as well as several other derivative contracts for Bitcoin and over 50 other cryptocurrencies, offering traders up to 100x leverage.

The Delta Exchange derivatives trading platform was created by a team of experts who have experience in financial markets, derivatives trading, products and development, working with several leading multinational companies.

It is also possible to open a demo account on this exchange, where the user can test various strategies without the risk of losing money.

The Delta Exchange derivatives trading platform offers automatic options to better explore the platform.

Delta Exchange crypto derivatives trading is not possible without a reliable and efficient platform. Delta Exchange cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform will help traders make this process comfortable and interesting.

Delta Exchange crypto derivatives trading platform strives to be a one-stop platform and works to make it easier for all traders (both newbies and professionals) to navigate the derivatives market.

Delta Exchange
Delta Exchange

Uniqueness of the Delta Exchange 

The main goal of the exchange is to make the user's cryptocurrency derivatives available to both new and experienced traders.

Delta Exchange has become a well known and established platform as a secure cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with a good customer base in a short period of time. One of the main reasons why the exchange is unique compared to other exchanges is that the derivatives products offered are based on altcoins. The platform provides traders with a wide range of perpetual contracts to use. In addition, Delta Exchange includes products based on Tezos, ATOM, BAT, RVN, several cryptocurrencies that are offered exclusively by this platform.

Popularity of futures contracts on Delta Exchange 

Cryptocurrency futures trading is a new type of trading. The bottom line is that traders place bets on the future price of the cryptocurrency. Futures trading on Delta Exchange has a number of features, advantages, but also disadvantages that you need to be aware of before embarking on it.

The increased popularity of Delta Exchange crypto derivatives in Malaysia, including futures contracts, provides an opportunity for traders to open short and long positions. Consequently, the number of exchanges that add these instruments to their portfolio is growing. Cryptocurrency exchange Delta Exchange is one of them and offers leveraged futures trading, i.e. leverage up to 100x.

What are the benefits of trading futures on Delta Exchange?

  • Ease of trading. Trading futures is easier than trading cryptocurrencies by itself. It doesn’t even need a crypto wallet, and you don’t need to dive deep into the study of the crypto industry. For this reason, now the turnover volume of crypto futures is greater than the volume of spot trading.
  • High profit. This advantage should be understood for the time being. The cryptocurrency market is currently on the rise, prices are rising with small pullbacks, so, in general, cryptocurrency futures are now promising high profits. In addition, the Delta Exchange crypto exchange offers leverage, a leverage that, in a good scenario, leads to very large profits.
  • More strategies. Futures is a more flexible financial instrument than spot trading, which allows you to implement more strategies with greater effect. Futures trading allows you to open shorts without restrictions, which is an additional advantage when conducting fast strategies.
  • Hedging. Crypto futures are a kind of hedging, saving crypto assets, since the price of a futures contract has an expiration date. The price will remain even if the price of the asset itself drops before the contract is executed.
  • Diversification. Crypto futures allow you to diversify your capital by investing in futures of different cryptocurrencies and/or on different crypto exchanges. Of course, the crypto market functions very synchronously, following the dynamics of bitcoin, but sometimes in different directions, and you can earn on changes in the price of some altcoin that goes against the market.
  • Entry to the crypto market. Crypto futures may remain an independent way of trading, but they can also be an entry into the cryptocurrency market. To trade futures, you need to register an account, master the functionality of a crypto exchange, learn how to trade on a trading terminal - all this will later come in handy when trading directly with cryptocurrencies.
  • Playing for a fall. When the price of a cryptocurrency falls, spot trading participants are forced to go into some more stable assets, but futures trading allows you to earn on a fall in price by opening short positions.
  • Smaller deposit. With futures trading, you can not keep large funds on your cryptocurrency account for transactions, as you can conduct transactions with leverage.
Delta futures trading
Delta futures trading

However, along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages of crypto futures trading.

Let's take a look at the disadvantages of futures trading:

  • Trading with leverage. One of the most attractive and at the same time the most dangerous features of futures trading is the ability to trade with leverage. Trading with leverage can bring relatively huge profits, for example, if you trade with $10 with x100 leverage, you can actually earn $1,000. But this is a very risky way of trading, which only qualified traders can do. If an inexperienced trader decides to still try his luck and trade with leverage, bets with high leverage should be avoided. The chosen leverage determines the margin required for trading. If the bet is wrong, then the losses can be large.
  • Volatility and lack of knowledge. The basic disadvantage of futures trading is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. This quality leads to both high profits and large losses. It is difficult to protect yourself from this, since the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable. Exacerbating the problem is that the ease of entry into the futures market leads to insufficiently qualified traders who trade at random or with bad strategies, and even with leverage, which inevitably leads to losses in the cryptocurrency market.
Futures market
Futures market

Automated Derivatives Trading Delta Exchange 

Delta Exchange derivatives trading in the cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more popular among traders.

Delta offers automated robotic trading strategies from which you can choose the one that suits your income. You can start by staking Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) in your preferred robot trading method. You can choose from a variety of techniques depending on your requirements. Delta offers a new and improved user interface for automated trading methods without any management or performance fees.

Delta Exchange provides its users with the following robotic trading strategies:

  • Momentum Strategy. This is one of three broad categories of robot trading strategies available on the Delta Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange.
  • Arbitrage strategy. This is another broad category of robotic trading on Delta Exchange. With this strategy, traders can conduct cash futures arbitrage that attempts to get a premium on BTC and ETH futures compared to their spot market prices.
  • Strategy of automated market makers (AMM). AMM generates bids and offers using the order book and price information as traders looking for liquidity attempt to pay dynamic premiums at fair prices.
  • DETO staking pool strategy. The DETO staking pool strategy allows users to earn income from their DETO tokens, Delta Exchange's native cryptocurrency. This category also includes other strategies.
  • Profitability strategies. In addition to all of the above, Delta Exchange also offers various yield strategies. Users can earn significant APY on various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT Tether stablecoin.
Delta offers automated robotic trading strategies
Delta offers automated robotic trading strategies

Delta Exchange Security

The exchange uses enterprise-grade security and has multiple systems in place to protect users' assets and information.

The Delta website is protected by standard firewalls and users can enable two-factor authentication to increase the security of their accounts. In addition, the exchange says that the crypto assets held by it are stored securely in various encrypted multi-signature wallets for enhanced security.

Reliable referral program 

The platform offers its users an attractive referral program and a deposit bonus to increase trading volumes on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. When users start using their interface and like the platform, they can refer the Delta platform to their friends.

Every time a user invites another person to the exchange, they will receive a commission for a year when their invitees register and make deposits. Subsequently, they will continue to receive a lifetime commission whenever referrals make deposits.

Delta offers reliable referral program
Delta offers reliable referral program

Advantages and disadvantages of Delta Exchange 

Delta Exchange cryptocurrency derivatives trading is available on the Delta Exchange, so let's take a look at some of the advantages of this platform:

  • Leverage. If you want to try leveraged trading, Delta Exchange is perfect for you. For some types of assets (such as bitcoin futures) you can get leverage up to 100:1. This is one of the best leverage rates in the entire industry.
  • Education. Are you new to the world of margined crypto trading? If so, you may have questions about how it all works and what are the best instruments to trade. You can use the wide range of educational materials posted on the site for training, which will allow you to advance and grow in your trading knowledge.
  • Quick registration. This will allow you to save time and start trading almost immediately.

 Disadvantages of the Delta cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Futures only. Delta Exchange is a trading platform specialized in trading cryptocurrency futures without actually owning a cryptocurrency.
  • Coins. While the selection of coins on Delta Exchange is quite acceptable, some other exchanges offer much more. If you have a specific rare coin you wish to trade, please make sure it is listed on the Delta exchange before registering.
  • Commissions. Like all crypto exchanges, Delta Exchange charges trading fees. At the same time, the commission here is not higher than on many other exchanges, so it will not bother you too much if everything else suits your needs.
Advantages of the Delta crypto exchange
Advantages of the Delta crypto exchange

Delta Exchange Registration Process 

In the world of crypto trading, speed is often the most important factor. For traders who want to get started as quickly as possible, Delta Exchange offers the opportunity to register in less than one minute. This will allow you to start trading almost immediately without filling out a huge number of forms.

To enter the exchange and start trading, you need to visit the Delta Exchange website and register. The user must enter their registered mail ID and password and log into their account. After these steps, you can trade Delta Exchange cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia.

Registration Page
Registration Page

Delta Exchange Customer Service 

Delta Exchange provides customer support in several ways. The most common way is to communicate with a platform representative via a chat that all users have access to.

If the user has any unresolved questions, he can send an email to the customer support service. The customer service also offers a user guide and a support center to get your questions answered quickly.

Cryptocurrency margin exchange Delta Exchange 

Delta Exchange is an attractive derivatives and futures trading platform option for cryptocurrencies. The high level of leverage is an attractive feature for many traders considering Delta.

The range of coins is not as wide as on some other exchanges, but it is more than enough for most people.

If you want to try your hand at cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Delta Exchange is a great place to do it.

You can learn a lot of details directly from the platform, so this exchange is a great choice for both newbies and more experienced crypto traders.

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