Bybit derivatives trading platform is positioned as a fair, transparent, and efficient trading environment that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of trading step by step. The project development team is focused on serving clients with a variety of trading experience. From individual retail clients to experienced traders. More than 250 people are currently working on projects. 

Bybit derivatives trading platform
Bybit derivatives trading platform

What are crypto derivatives?

In addition to the usual asset trading, there is an opportunity to use various financial instruments on the crypto market. One of them is crypto derivatives, which are essentially an agreement between a buyer and a seller for the future value of a digital asset. The participants in this transaction do not own the underlying asset for which the contract was drawn up. In this case, the subject of the transaction is the right to perform the contract. Bybit derivatives trading includes the following crypto derivatives:

  • Futures. An example of such a contract is a pre-order of a product, in which the buyer pays a predetermined price, but receives the product later.
  • Options are a contract that gives the right, but does not oblige, to buy or sell an underlying asset in the future at a predetermined price. An example of options in real life is asking the seller to hold the item for a while.
  • CFD. If during the term of the contract the asset has fallen in price, then the buyer pays the difference. In case of an increase in the price of an asset, the seller pays it. A simple example of such a contract is a special offer in some stores, in which the seller promises to refund the difference in price if the buyer finds the item cheaper.
  • Forwards. Forwards are traded on over-the-counter (OTC) markets, however, this agreement also implies the purchase of the underlying asset in the future at a fixed price.
  • Swaps are a tool that includes two contracts at once. The first contract is aimed at the purchase or sale of the underlying asset at the time of its conclusion, and the second - indicates the conditions for the sale or purchase of the underlying asset in the future. Swaps are considered a more complex option for futures. Example: buying any product from a supplier and concluding an agreement on the supply of the same product to the end consumer in the future.

What is a crypto derivatives exchange?

Crypto derivatives exchanges are online platforms that make it easy and open for everyone to access decentralized (P2P) cryptocurrency trading, directly and without procrastination.

There are not only crypto exchanges that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens, but there are also crypto derivatives exchanges. Crypto derivatives can often be found on the same crypto exchanges as traditional crypto exchanges, but not all of them. However, some exchanges also offer the option to buy and trade derivatives.

These are contracts that are usually issued by the exchange itself and can only be bought and sold on the platform. It should be noted, however, that crypto exchanges offering derivatives are very successful, especially recently.

Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Derivatives trading is the exchange of contracts that link two parties (buyers and sellers) to sell or buy an asset at a specified date in the future.

Cryptocurrency derivatives allow solving two main tasks - reducing investment risks and making money on changes in the rate of digital coins.

Ways to make money on derivatives

Trading in derivative financial instruments for Bybit cryptocurrency is becoming a popular form of earnings. Here, since the future price of the cryptocurrency is unknown to anyone, all trading participants take on a certain risk. For almost all crypto derivatives, the same principle applies: if on the day of execution of the contract the asset rate fell, then the seller gets the profit, and the buyer remains at a loss. If a digital coin has risen in price, then the buyer remains the winner. However, depending on the type of contract chosen, the nuances of earnings will differ. Derivatives of the Bybit cryptocurrency in Malaysia include:

  • Futures.
  • Options.
  • Swaps.
  • CFD contracts.
  • Forward.

Derivatives stimulate price increases, reduce volatility and attract institutional investors to the industry. However, despite all the advantages and the fact that one of the main tasks of these financial instruments is to reduce investment risks, derivatives do not guarantee stable income and constant profits and still remain a tool for experienced traders and large industry players.

How to Trade Bybit Derivatives in Malaysia?

The popularity of Bybit crypto derivatives in Malaysia is growing.  Trading derivatives is not that difficult. To do this, you must first register and fund your account, after which you will need to familiarize yourself with the platform and choose the most optimal type of derivative for yourself. When making a deal on Bybit, there is no real exchange of one asset for another. This is not necessary because when you buy you are committing to sell the purchased asset. If you sell for more than you bought, you will take the price difference for yourself. If you sell it cheaper, pay the difference from your Bybit account balance.

The guarantee of payment is that when the contract is concluded, the amount necessary to secure the transaction is blocked on your account.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia
Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia

Transactions can be made for amounts exceeding the amount of the collateral (that is, the amount of your deposit) a hundred times. In other words, trading is carried out using borrowed funds with a leverage of 1/100.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform allows you to make money not only on the rise in the price of an asset, but also on its fall. Your first deal may well be not buying an asset, but selling it. You don't need to own the cryptocurrency you are selling to do this. As in the case of a purchase, trading is carried out using borrowed funds: you borrow the cryptocurrency from the exchange, sell it and assume the obligation to redeem it back and return it to the exchange in the future. The term for the fulfillment of the obligation is not determined, therefore the contract is called indefinite.

All trading instruments on Bybit are grouped into two groups:

  • line contracts;
  • inverse contracts.

Sometimes you will come across other names as well. Instead of the words “line contract”, you can see “direct contract” or “perpetual USDT”. All of these terms on the Bybit exchange mean the same thing. Similarly, instead of the words “inverse contract”, you can see “reverse contract”. There is no difference between these two terms for Bybit either.

Bybit traderoom
Bybit traderoom

How to register?

The registration process is extremely simple and takes about one minute:

  • On the main page, select the language of the site. If you entered the website address of the exchange yourself in the browser, then the language selection button is on the top right, and if you went to the site using an affiliate link, the language selection button will be on the bottom right.
  • The registration form itself is located on the main page of the site. It will need to indicate either an email address or a phone number.
  • Then you need to come up with a password. Be careful when entering your password. Bybit does not require you to enter the password again, so if you enter it with an error, Bybit will remember it with this error. Before submitting the form, it will be superfluous to click on the eye icon in the password input field and check if there were any typos when typing.
  • If you followed the affiliate link, then the referral code will already be entered in the registration form. If not, you can enter it yourself. If you have a referral code, you will receive an additional bonus of $ 10 after you top up your balance with 0.02 bitcoin.
  • After clicking on the "Register" button, you may need to confirm that you are not a robot: select pictures that meet certain conditions. However, the language in which these terms are formulated may differ from the language you selected for the Bybit website prior to registration.
  • After that, there is only one step left before successful registration - entering a confirmation code of six digits. If you registered using an email address, the code will be sent in a letter. And if registration was carried out by phone number, then you will receive the code in SMS.
Registration form
Registration form

Important! Despite the presence of a button with the words “Complete registration”, you do not have to click on this button. As soon as you type the sixth digit in the code entry field, the button will be pressed automatically. Therefore, it will not work to correct the incorrectly entered numbers, and in case of a typo, you will have to request a new code.

If the code is entered correctly, the registration form will disappear from the main page of the site, and this means that the registration has been completed successfully - you are authorized on the site. Now in the upper right corner of the site you can see your login: phone number or email address.

Verify your email
Verify your email

How do I open a demo account?

Anyone who needs test functionality must use the entrance to another Bybit testnet portal. Work on the exchange without registration is not provided. When you click on the link, a page opens offering registration. This can be done in two ways: using a personal mobile phone number, or using an email address:

  • Regardless of the preferred method of gaining access to your personal account, you should come up with and enter a strong password to protect your account from unauthorized authorization. Next, we will consider registration using an example of using e-mail.
  • Enter the required data and optionally a promo code. Next, you should note your agreement to the terms and the privacy policy of the company. A careful study of these documents will allow you to avoid possible sanctions for unwanted trading activity, which is especially important when working with real money.
  • After clicking on the registration button, the system will send a letter with a verification code to the specified email address, which must be entered in the appropriate area.
  • After passing all the necessary checks, the client enters the trading application interface.

The Bybit demo account is a great opportunity to learn how to trade one of the most promising assets of recent years. After spending some time studying all the subtleties and nuances, exchange players can move on to working on real accounts.

Select an account option
Select an account option

How do I open a real account?

  • To open an account with ByBit, you need to go to the official website. Further, all you need to register and in the future to enter the platform is an email or phone. (Do not forget to check your email - a link with confirmation of registration will be sent there.)
  • Then press the button "register". Registration was successful.
  • To confirm the activation of the referral bonus, a corresponding icon will be displayed opposite the "Referral program" tab.
  • We recommend that you enable two-factor authentication. There are two options available for this: SMS confirmation, Google authentication.

In order to set up two-factor authentication, click on the icon of your personal account on the "Account and Security" tab. You have opened an account with Bybit and received a welcome bonus from the exchange.

How to top up a deposit?

There are two main ways to fund your Bybit account: transfer funds from another address where the cryptocurrency is stored, or use a fiat gateway.

Algorithm for replenishing with currency from another wallet:

  • Go to the "My Assets" section. It is located in the pop-up menu that opens when you tap on your login. Login is located in the upper right corner.
  • On the page that opens, in the "Assets" section, you will see 5 available currencies for replenishment. On the page that opens, in the "Assets" section, you will see 5 available currencies for replenishment.
  • A page will open with your Bybit wallet address. You can copy the address or scan the QR code to send funds to your vault from third-party wallets and exchanges.

Replenishment using a fiat gateway:

Buying with fiat is only possible for BTC and ETH. The main real currencies are supported, including USD, EUR, RUB, CZK and others.

  • Go to the main page of the site and log in.
  • Make a series of transitions: the button with your login - "My assets" - "Assets" - "Fiat".
  • Select the currency to buy BTC or ETH.
  • Next, you can enter the amount of fiat currency you want to spend or the number of tokens you want to buy.
  • Click Buy Now.
  • Select an available offer from your provider and click Buy.
  • Follow the instructions on the system.
Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How does Bybit derivatives trading work?

Bybit now specializes in leveraged trading and perpetual contracts (futures), and allows traders to open both long and short positions in the selected cryptocurrency. Contracts do not have an expiration date at which they will be automatically settled, and that Most importantly, it is important to remember that there are no physical transfers of coins between buyers and sellers, but only derivatives (derivative hectares). As a P2P platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Bybit allows traders from different countries to participate in trading using leverage. serves traders from a wide variety of countries and includes a number of key features to provide its users with an efficient and responsive cryptocurrency trading experience.

Derivatives account on Bybit
Derivatives account on Bybit

How is derivatives trading different from spot trading?

As the name suggests, spot trading is a mechanism that involves trading assets at current spot prices. Trades are usually settled within two business days of the date of the trade. When comparing derivatives trading to spot trading, the following differences can be found:

  • Calculation period;
  • Ownership of tangible assets;
  • Asset price.

Simply put, spot trading is about short-term goals, while derivatives trading focuses on long-term goals.

Can you trade derivatives on Bybit?

The crypto exchange offers perpetual contracts with top cryptocurrencies on favorable terms (including leveraged trading) and provides high execution speed, it is a popular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency futures exchange located in Singapore, the exchange is a centralized platform. Users have access to fiat exchange, margin and spot trading as well as futures contracts.

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