At this stage of development of various digital assets, it is worth considering that you can profit from them not only by buying and selling.

Now many investors and traders around the world are using digital currencies, not only as a long-term way to profit, but also in the short term. Now any user has the opportunity to consider options for making a profit every day, having some digital money in an online wallet, and not buying up assets every time the price drops and wait until the price of it increases several dozen times.

BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

What is Bingx?

BingX is a popular social trading and e-money platform. It is the first copy-trade crypto exchange that offers a variety of digital coins and bonus rewards.

BingX was founded in 2018 and provides access to the spot market, derivatives market and copy trading service in more than 100 countries around the world. BingX prides itself on being a trading exchange that opens up the fast-growing digital asset market for everyone, connecting novices with experts, and makes investing in digital assets simple, clear, and transparent.

In 2021, the platform made a complete update of its corporate structure, it was previously known as Bingbon.

With appropriate licenses in several regions, BingX has continued to focus on its unique social trading feature, allowing users to interact with elite traders and effectively implement sound investment strategies. Many functions of the platform for transactions have been improved, as well as new trading pairs have appeared. All this, the developers have done for a more coordinated work of users and improve their chance of successful trading.

The features of this exchange include:

  • support for CFD trading on popular digital money, markets, global indices and commodities;
  • a large selection of currencies from various countries of the world to enter - dollars, euros, pounds, rupees, rubles, hryvnia, etc.;
  • the site has been translated into a huge number of languages, so that the user from any part of the world would be comfortable working;
  • there is copy trading - you can copy the trades of the best traders and earn money, giving only 8% of the profit received from copying;
  • verification of the identity for deposit/withdrawal of funds is not required.

The BingX digital asset, spot and derivatives trading platform provides an open and user-centric system with intuitive social trading features.

BingX covers not only digital assets, but also other financial instruments. Represents USDT denominated contracts with other popular coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. For BTC and ETH, it specifically provides reverse contracts that users can choose as the base coin in a trade.

BingX offers a simple and intuitive terminal. The TradingView chart allows traders to easily and efficiently manage their portfolios. What's more, users can create support and resistance charts or insert comments to make it easier to keep track of their investments. All for the convenience of the user and facilitate the process of making a profit.

BingX offers a simple and intuitive terminal
BingX offers a simple and intuitive terminal

What are crypto derivatives?

The essence of the evolution of any financial market is a gradual increase in liquidity and trading volumes. When the market has already accumulated a certain liquidity, instruments appear that, as their popularity grows, help to increase it further. So there is a movement from the spot market to the emergence of derivatives markets. The higher the liquidity, the more complex these instruments become.

Schematically, the process goes like this: first, simple derivatives appear - CFDs and futures. With a further increase in liquidity, options appear on the market. In the case of cryptocurrencies, these are options both on the cryptocurrency itself and on futures.

Thus, in addition to the usual asset trading, there is an opportunity to use various financial instruments on the crypto market. One of them is crypto derivatives, which are essentially an agreement between a buyer and a seller for the future value of a digital asset. The participants in this transaction do not own the underlying asset for which the contract was drawn up. In this case, the subject of the transaction is the right to perform the contract.

BingX is a popular social trading and e-money platform
BingX is a popular social trading and e-money platform

What is a crypto derivatives exchange?

Such exchanges focus on working with derivatives, traders and investors often give them priority in their work, as this is the most convenient trading method. For a digital currency, this method of trading can be considered new, but it has proven to be convenient and profitable.

The BingX crypto derivatives trading platform allows traders and investors to make transactions with convenience, as well as offers depositing funds in the form of electronic money or buying them with a bank card.

The BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is considered one of the best ways to make a profit without having a lot of electronic money. The user receives funds from transactions that take place on the BingX derivatives trading platform.

Cryptocurrencies are a highly speculative market with large price fluctuations occurring on a daily basis. Naturally, traders and investors seek to capitalize on these fluctuations. Using crypto derivatives, traders can speculate on the future price of bitcoin or other altcoins and make a profit if their predictions turn out to be correct.

BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading is not the only advantage of the platform.

BingX has many more features, for example: copying transactions, and also allows you to trade different assets, which makes the platform more convenient and comfortable for traders and investors.

How does this trade work?

The meaning of such transactions is that the value depends on the assets themselves and their derivatives. In essence, this is a type of contract between parties who undertake to transfer a predetermined asset within a certain period and at a certain price.

The meaning of such a tool is as follows: the asset of interest, for example, costs $50, and the user is sure that in 5 days its price will increase by $10. On the BingX platform, he sees a derivative contract for the purchase of a certain amount of coins at the current price, which can be concluded for a period of interest to him.

Thanks to this, the user can receive the desired asset for $50 on a certain day, regardless of the change in the price of the asset. That is, he becomes the owner of the contract for the asset, upon expiration of the agreement. And if the price of the asset has really increased, then the user profits from the difference between $50 and the value of the asset at the end of the contract.

You can open an unlimited number of such transactions, as well as use Stop Loss and Take Profit to reduce the loss of trader's or investor's funds. It is important to remember that there is always risk, so it is worth approaching trading collected and prepared.

BingX is a great tool to trade crypto derivatives
BingX is a great tool to trade crypto derivatives

How to trade BingX derivatives in Malaysia?

BingX crypto derivatives in Malaysia are very popular, as they are in many other countries. The reason for this is very simple, it is a fairly simple and profitable way to trade.

To start BingX crypto derivatives trading, an investor or trader only needs Internet access to access the site.

How to register?

To register, it will take only 5 minutes of the user's time. An investor or trader can register using an email or mobile phone number. And you will also need to come up with and enter a password, which can contain from 6 to 20 characters.

The peculiarity of BingX derivatives trading is that it is not necessary to pass verification. Although it is present on the site, a trader or investor voluntarily chooses to pass this item or not.

Registration on  BingX derivatives trading platform
Registration on BingX derivatives trading platform

How to open a real account?

The user opens an account already at the time of registration, but in order to secure their funds and personal information, it is necessary to pass verification, which includes standard items: scans of documents confirming identity and age, as well as some documents confirming income.

How to replenish the deposit?

On any page of the exchange, on the top panel, you need to find "Assets", click the left mouse button and select the "Deposit Account" function. Then the system will open a tab with fields to fill in.

The user selects the digital assets with which he wants to replenish his account. A QR code appears on the right with the account address. There is also a choice of replenishment:

  • Account standard contact;
  • Isolated margin account.

These two accounts, the user can switch during trading.

On the replenishment page, the user can also purchase electronic money. To do this, you just need to click the necessary link button. Purchases can be made with a credit card.

Minimum deposit amount

It is worth noting that for each type of digital currency, there is a minimum for replenishment.

How to withdraw money?

In the "Assets" tab, the investor must select "Withdraw". A page will open with fields to fill in, in which you must specify: type of digital money, amount, address of the recipient's wallet. You also need to select a network for translation.

When all fields are filled in, the user will be able to view the transfer fee and see the amount of actual receipt to his account.

List of BingX derivatives

To see the list of BingX derivatives in Malaysia , the user does not even need to register. It is only necessary on the main page, in the upper left corner, to select "Standard Contract". When the tab with the chart opens, at the top left, under the site logo, you can view the list of derivatives by hovering over it with the mouse cursor. The list is large enough and easy to read.

How does BingX crypto derivatives trading work?

BingX cryptocurrency derivatives in Malaysia work exactly the same. The user, in the process of analysis, predicts the direction of the price movement of the asset and buys or sells it in accordance with the direction of the price movement. Then, if the price rose or fell, exactly in the right direction, then the user receives the difference between the price of opening a transaction and its closing.

Advantages of  BingX derivatives trading platform
Advantages of BingX derivatives trading platform

Frequently Asked Questions About BingX Cryptocurrency Derivatives:

What are BingX derivatives?

Derivatives are the instruments themselves that the investor uses during transactions. For example, derivatives can be represented as one of the types of electronic currency with which trading takes place.

This platform provides convenient and profitable derivatives for derivatives, as the platform is designed for such transactions.

Yes, and these are the main tools of the platform.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose