What is ApolloX?

The developers of the Apollox ecosystem have created a product that meets the current market needs. The ecosystem is a set of tools implemented through a decentralized principle of interaction. Tokenization and decentralization will revolutionize the segment with the goal of creating a blockchain-based ecosystem for all things e-commerce. The ApolloX derivatives trading platform is dedicated to delivering e-commerce services and applications in a fair and efficient manner beyond current industry standards. Essentially, the ecosystem will have to connect buyers and sellers directly, without any middlemen. As a result, a convenient opportunity for international trade will open up for all users.

An ecosystem consists of three main elements:

  • Marketplaces and Stores - decentralized solutions created on the basis of the ApolloX protocol are designed to meet the needs of the market. It will no longer be necessary to pay commissions for transactions to centralized platforms (sometimes they reach up to 15-20%), since smart contracts and the arbitration function of the community are more transparent and practically free.
  • The Apollox Protocol is a decentralized work tool where APXT tokens are used for operations. It allows you to easily create services and various applications (in particular, online stores) based on blockchain technology.
  • The Apolox community is the main target audience: sellers, buyers, entrepreneurs in the field of retail and wholesale. Community members are expected to contribute and be rewarded for it.

The main feature of ApolloX is the protocol and the peculiarities of its functions. Typically, any e-commerce site consists of the following sections: products, reviews, information about the seller and a payment block (usually a few of the most popular methods).ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has significantly more features than other exchanges, such as:

  • Partnership - each user can receive a reward for driving traffic and affiliate sales. In other words, marketers will be able to monetize their traffic in a new way.
  • Reputation is a completely transparent system of product and seller reviews on the blockchain. It will be impossible to falsify the rating! The system also provides rewards for users for high-quality product feedback.
  • Data - Reliable protection of all user data. It also provides for the exchange of data between different ecosystems.
  • Payments is a completely secure gateway for payment for goods / services between a buyer and a seller. Funds are reliably protected, since the seller will receive money only after confirmation of receipt of the goods by the buyer.
ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology
ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology

The project can be useful in many industries. On the basis of ApolloX, you can create decentralized e-commerce markets, independent stores for the sale of goods and services. One of the main advantages is solving the problem of trust and reducing transaction fees. Users can buy services cheaper and businesses can make money. The platform is very easy to use and provides enough trading tools for a comprehensive and effective experience, whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran.

ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading is available today for absolutely anyone.

What are crypto derivatives?

Derivatives trading gained traction back in the 1970s, making it one of the oldest financial contracts that exist today. However, judging by the latest news, we can say that the topic of trading in crypto derivatives is interesting to the public, because it can protect against price fluctuations.

Derivatives are an integral part of finance: these are very complex financial instruments that are used by advanced or technical investors, or in other words, it can be said that it is a financial contract, the value of which is determined by the underlying asset. Traditionally, derivatives are used in the commodity, currency, stock or bond markets. These contracts can be traded over the counter or on an exchange basis. The main purpose of derivatives trading is to speculate on the future price of the underlying asset, which allows traders to lock in profits based on the price difference. Such trading is applicable to a variety of assets, including various commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange
Advantages of ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange

Crypto traders use derivatives to manage risk, and this process can also be called hedging. Since derivatives are commonly used to speculate on future prices in a volatile market, traders usually use them to protect their portfolios from any price fluctuations. For example, a crypto trader hedges with perpetual swaps, which involve betting on opposite outcomes to mitigate the potential risks of serious losses, especially from a market dump.

Another common use of derivatives in crypto trading is to speculate on asset prices without buying the underlying asset. Traders can buy a futures contract instead of buying real digital currency. This means that the trader only needs to spend the minimum amount to gain access to the market. Thus, as the price of the underlying asset fluctuates, the trader can adjust his position accordingly. Most traders use put options to manage their risk.

ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives can be purchased at any time, since the exchange operates around the clock, and the support team is always ready to help with any questions or business issues.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Of course, nowadays many traders want to capitalize on radical changes by trading derivatives contracts. Crypto derivatives trading offers several growth prospects for a good trader. To capitalize on a sudden change in the price of the underlying asset, a trader can buy cryptocurrency at a low price and sell it later at a higher price. However, this strategy is quite risky. Or you can use another strategy: For this, traders usually borrow assets from a third party. - whether it be an exchange or a broker - and sell them on the market when they expect a decline in price. When the price of a coin falls, the trader buys the same amount of the asset at a lower price and benefits from the price change. Less exchange or broker fees. Various cryptocurrency derivatives can be officially traded on both traditional exchanges and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges.

The trick in this area is to develop a strategy before getting started with crypto derivatives. First, you need to analyze everything in detail and understand the risks associated with trading derivatives before starting a trade. ApolloX derivatives trading is gaining momentum and receiving the maximum number of positive reviews.

ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

How to Trade ApolloX Derivatives in Malaysia?

Getting started with derivatives trading is very simple and does not take much time.

To trade, you will need to do the following:

  • register on the official website;
  • open an account and replenish it;
  • choose the type of derivative that best suits the stated requirements;
  • carefully review the information on the market and analyze everything;
  • purchase of a derivative.

ApolloX derivatives in Malaysia are available for purchase now and will be a good investment.

How to register?

The registration process takes a minimum amount of time. Below is a step-by-step instruction:

  • Go to the ApolloX official website and click Register in the upper right corner.
  • Enter with your email address and password.
  • To pass the security check, slide the puzzle piece to the right. Then the system will send a verification code to your email, which will be valid for 30 minutes.

It must be entered before the expiration of this time.

  • Registration is complete.

After completing registration, it is recommended to enable 2FA (Google Two-Factor Authentication or SMS Two-Step Verification) in order to increase the security of your account.

How to register on the ApolloX trading platform?
How to register on the ApolloX trading platform?

What futures contracts does ApolloX support?

ApolloX USD (S) -M Perpetual Futures Contracts are linear futures products that are quoted and settled in USDT, not inverse contracts. ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes and unnecessary liquidations during periods of high volatility.

  • “Last price” refers to the price of the last trade in a contract or the price of the last trade in the trading history. The latter price is used to calculate the realized profit and loss (PnL).
  • The "Stamp Price" is calculated based on a combination of funding data and basket price data from multiple spot exchanges. Liquidation prices and unrealized PnL are calculated based on the stamp price.

Risk and leverage are adjusted based on absolute exposure; the larger the position, the higher the required margin and the lower the leverage multiplier you can use.ApolloX crypto futures in Malaysia is a very common way to make money.

ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes
ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes

What leverage does ApolloX offer? 

ApolloX uses a multi-level margin model to control risk, so the leverage ratio depends on the size of the position that was previously set. Higher notional value positions have a lower leverage ratio available, and the leverage multiplier can be manually adjusted. All positions are calculated based on the notional value of the contract. The initial margin ratio is calculated based on where the leverage multiplier was set. If you want to manually set the leverage multiplier, you will need to do this before opening a position. Otherwise, the position will be opened using the default leverage multiplier on ApolloX, which is 20. ×. The higher the leverage multiplier, the smaller the position you can open.

Does ApolloX have a future?

Volatility drives the cryptocurrency market. Today it is not easy to predict and keep up with current prices. APX has tremendous potential, with certain interactions and innovations, it is possible to increase the number of users and advertisements. If the market focuses on investing in ApolloX, the price could rise much higher. The current price range of ApolloX could be of interest to many traders with significant partnerships with financial institutions. The value of ApolloX will grow thanks to the efforts of the network developers and community investors. Long-term currency investments can be extremely beneficial. And, according to forecasts, in the next few years it will reach its all-time high.

ApolloX derivatives trading platform is available in mobile App
ApolloX derivatives trading platform is available in mobile App


The ApolloX exchange provides favorable conditions for trading perpetual contracts. The presented pairs are currently the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world market. Low commissions (zero for the maker) and large trading volumes constantly attract new clients to the site. The entry threshold is minimal - free registration, there is no required initial deposit, funds can be deposited in any asset, including fiat. A multicurrency wallet and access to the quick exchange service are provided free of charge. The site works stably even at peak loads, no complaints on the technical side.

The strengths of ApolloX over competitors are:

  • the most popular cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange;
  • there is an integrated service for quick exchange;
  • the site is characterized by high stability of work;
  • the opportunity to receive additional income through a partnership with the exchange;
  • intuitive, yet functional trading terminal.

It's worth to note that the exchange has a Telegram channel, where users can share their experience with the platform and get help from team members and administrators. However, if you use Telegram, make sure that the person you are communicating with, really belongs to the team. 

Summing up, we can conclude that ApolloX crypto futures trading is a very good investment.

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